Titans Season 4 Starring Netflix’s You Star In A Mystery Role

Netflix star You James Scully joins the Titans season 4 cast in a mystery role for the HBO Max drama, which is set to premiere later this year.

Netflix You star James Scully has joined the cast Titans season 4 in a mystery role for the HBO Max drama, which will premiere later this year. Since moving from the DC Universe to HBO Max, Titans is currently one of the most popular DC shows on the platform, with season 4 on its way. Based on Teen Titan property, Titans is a gritty reimagining that follows the life of Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) after living as Robin for many years, before becoming Nightwing and leading his own team of young heroes.

In Titans Season 3, the team moves to Gotham City as one of their former allies Jason Todd, now operating as the Red Hood, becomes one of the show’s newest Bads. Turns out to be a scarecrow pulling strings all the time, the Titans take on one of Batman’s greatest foes. For Titans season 4, the heroes leave Gotham City as they embark on their newest adventure, which will include new villains and potentially new allies. Although it has not been officially confirmed, it is reported Titans the release date of season 4 is this fall, specifically October. If confirmed, this means that there is less than four months before the new one Titans installment debut.


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With Titans As season 4 draws to a close, more details are starting to emerge regarding the return of the HBO Max drama. Variation reports that James Scully, whose previous credits include Netflix You, Island of Fireand ghost cityjoin the cast Titans season 4. Details are currently kept under wraps as to who Scully is playing, and whether or not he is a regular guest.


Given that Scully’s role is still being kept under wraps, it’s no surprise that he plays the main character from the DC Universe. Scully is one of the newest actors to join Titans season 4, which includes the casting of the previously announced Joseph Morgan as Brother Blood, aka Sebastian Sanger, who will become a series regular. Another new main cast member is Franka Potente, previously cast as DC villain May Bennett, aka Mother Mayhem. Lastly, Lisa Ambalavanar is set to reappear as Jinx, who is another member of the Scary Five.

While time will tell who Scully actually depicts TitansThere are a few candidates to keep in mind. Titans season 2 and season 3 have dropped Roy Harper’s name, and maybe Scully is coming Titans season 4 as Arsenal after all these temptations. Even if it’s just a rumor, it’s possible that Scully will play a character related to the storyline based in Metropolis Titans has come, because there is that temptation Titans season 4 revisits the city of Superman. Should Titans season 4 is definitely coming in the fall, it won’t be long until it’s revealed who Scully ended up playing on the show.

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