O2 movie review: Nayanthara delivers an interesting psychological drama

O2 movie review: Nayanthara-starrer O2 is a pretty interesting survival drama that distinguishes between violence and real heroism.

Nayanthara at O2.

We only realize the true value of the things we take for granted when we don’t have enough of them. We value water more during drought and oxygen when supply is low. In O2, writer-director GS Viknesh hacks our paranoia from running out of the substance that sustains us: oxygen.

The opening of this film is very cliché. During the first 15 minutes of the film, we get repetitive images and songs to establish a basic point about a mother’s unconditional love for her son. Now that we’ve gone through some of the expendable narrative obligations, we come to the interesting part. Parvathy’s (Nayanthara) son Veera (Rithvik) suffers from a medical condition that requires him on round-the-clock oxygen support. However, her suffering is coming to an end, as she will soon be undergoing a life-saving operation, which will allow her to breathe normally without any assistance. Parvathy and Veera head to Cochin hospital for surgery. Everything is packed, including the extra oxygen tank and Veera’s pet potted plant. Both of them play an important role in the events that will unfold.

Parvathy and Veera’s bus is full of conflicts. A corrupt cop, with a gun and a bag full of cocaine, a criminal just released from prison, a couple, who plan to elope, a father who doesn’t know that his daughter is planning to elope, a morally flexible politician and bus driver. in a constant moral dilemma is the best friend of a mother-daughter pair on a journey, which turns traumatic in no time.

A landslide buries the bus carrying Parvathy and Veera and turns the vehicle into a huge coffin. When the people on the bus continue to fight without realizing the real problem at hand, Parvathy intervenes and informs them of the precarious situation they are in. “We were trapped in a coffin. We lack oxygen.” He advised passengers not to exhaust all the air in the bus with physical and mental activities. They all seemed to understand the gravity of the situation, at first. But, soon things started to fall apart.

Fear begins to bring out the worst in everyone. And corrupt cops become agents of chaos by pushing people over the edge and making them choose between a clean, guilt-free conscience and a breath of medical-grade oxygen. People who look good, are reasonable and just turn out to be killers, and those we think are the worst turn out to be good ones.

In the midst of all the drama, we know that Veera’s oxygen tank will become a precious currency that people will kill. So, Viknesh plays with our minds as the situation continues to swing from hope to despair. There are times when the situation turns into tolerable with passengers looking for ways to bring fresh air onto the bus. But then the bus plunges deeper, overturning all hope of survival. We were relieved at the thought that Veera would be safe now with oxygen circulating. But for how long the question keeps us investing.

O2 is a pretty interesting survival drama that differentiates between violence and real heroism. Sometimes we seem to confuse heroism with physical prowess. However, heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

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