Before Your Eyes and 4 new Netflix Games to be released in July 2022

When people think of Netflix, they don’t often associate it with games, but Netflix is ​​gradually increasing the output of the entertainment they add to their Netflix Games application.

At Geeked Week 2022, streamers previewed what looks like a fantastic lineup of upcoming games coming to the service soon. The best part is, there are no ads or microtransactions—two things that plague many mobile gaming services.

All you need is a Netflix subscription and you can enjoy everything this app has to offer. This July, Netflix added at least four new games to the service.

Netflix game coming in July 2022

Netflix sent out a July 2022 newsletter and included four new games. Unfortunately, the streamer hasn’t given an exact release date for any of the games yet, but it does say that each of the four games is “coming soon”, and given their inclusion in the July newsletter, we can safely assume all four games are detailed below. will be available in the following month.

Screenshot of Wild Things: Animal Adventures – Cr. Netflix

Netflix Game: Wild Things: Animal Adventure

From the developers who brought us Harry Potter: The Mystery of Hogwarts comes the new Match-3 puzzle game. For those unfamiliar with the term, Match-3 games invite players to manipulate tiles and identify patterns to eliminate them and clear the board.

depth Wild Things: Animal Adventure This game features a number of stunning 3D animated animals. Players must help these creatures save their homeland. Rescue adorable animals and explore an immersive world as you build the habitat of your dreams in this puzzle adventure game.

Release date: TBA

Before Your Eyes. Cr: Netflix.

Netflix Game: Before Your Eyes

BAFTA award-winning first-person adventure game In front of your eyes is an emotional story that allows the player to control the story and influence the outcome with your real-life winks. Using innovative techniques, players can fully immerse themselves in the world of memories as they help the character Benjamin Brynn on his journey to the afterlife.

To interact with Benjamin’s memories, players will respond to the environment and gameplay via the eye-tracking webcam on your phone. The game reads and responds to your eye movements and blinks.

Until now, the game was only available to play through Microsoft Windows from retailers such as Steam and Epic Games. It is interesting that soon more gamers will get the chance to play.

Release date: TBA

Before Your Eyes. Cr: Netflix.

Mahjong Solitaire. Cr: Netflix.

Netflix Game: Mahjong Solitaire

Do you like playing Mahjong? How about Solitaire? In a game that combines the best of both worlds, Mahjong Solitaire promises to be a fun and useful new addition to the Netflix Games app.

Enjoy hundreds of tile-matching puzzles. Complete themes and backgrounds, including Stranger Things which, to change the look and feel of the game! Below you can take a peek at what some of the different themes look like, including Stranger Things Settings.

Release date: TBA

Mahjong Solitaire. Cr: Netflix.

Mahjong Solitaire. Cr: Netflix.

ETERNITY. Cr: Netflix.


From the creator The story here comes a new exploratory narrative game about the lost works of a silver screen candidate named Marissa Marcel. Prior to her disappearance, Marissa made three films, but none of them were ever released. Now you must explore his lost work to find clues that could unlock the secret of his disappearance.

Based on the descriptor used to catalog this game, it looks like ETERNITY is a mix of simulation, horror, cinematic and adventure games.

It will be released on Steam on July 26, 2022, so it looks like ETERNITY will arrive on Netflix the same day or the following week.

Release date: TBA

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