‘Chicago Med’ Season 1-5 Leaves Netflix in July 2022

chicago med leave our netflix on july 2022

Chicago Med – Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

One of the few procedural shows on Netflix, Chicago Medwill leave service in the United States in July 2022 as its license will be renewed.

Created by renowned producer Dick Wolf, Chicago Med is one of many shows the creators created for NBC and this particular show is related to Chicago fire and Chicago PD

Season 6 of the show recently aired on NBC and the future of the show is currently secured until season 8.

chicago med is here on netflix

Chicago Med – Image: NBC

Chicago Med seasons 1-5 were licensed to Netflix US in July 2021 when we first reported the fact that Netflix was set to license multiple seasons. Seasons 1-5 have finally arrived marking the first time the show has been on Netflix worldwide.

Netflix in at least 14 other regions will also receive Chicago Med (also likes from Chicago fire also) in September 2021 although, in all international territories, only seasons 1 through 4 are licensed to Netflix.

So after just a year, we just got word via the July 2022 takedown list that Chicago Med seasons 1-5 are set to leave the service on July 22, 2022 with your last day to watch being July 21. This means Netflix only took a short-term deal to stream the show and that deal is now up. That means, as we predicted, season 6 of Chicago Med not coming to Netflix.

Why? Chicago Med only licensed to Netflix for a short time? From NBC Universal’s point of view, they’ll expect you to be hooked enough to warrant going and looking for it on its parent company streamer. More on that in just a second.

Where will Chicago Med streaming after leaving Netflix?

The good news is that Chicago Med has been streaming at its permanent home for quite some time. We’re referring to Peacock who aired seasons 1-7 at both ad-supported and premium tiers.

Hulu is also new season recipient but with NBC content pulling out of Hulu, that won’t be for long.

When will Chicago Med leaving Netflix internationally?

This deletion date does not apply to all regions as we stated above. As such, the show is likely to expire in more regions unless Netflix can’t update shows in certain regions. For Netflix in the United Kingdom, we were notified that its current license will expire on September 1, 2022. The takedown date will likely apply to all other Netflix regions as well.

Will you miss? Chicago Med when to leave Netflix in July 2022? Let us know in the comments.

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