Lenovo class action claims company represents products with fake valuations, discounts

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Lenovo fake valuations class action overview:

  • Who: A Lenovo customer is suing the company on behalf of customers nationwide
  • Why: The customer says Lenovo deceives customers into thinking they are getting a good deal, when they’re not
  • Where: New York federal court

Lenovo has a years-long policy of fabricating fictitious valuations for its laptop and desktop computers and then advertising purported discounts based on those fictitious valuations, a new class action lawsuit alleges.

Plaintiff Anthony Ham filed the class action lawsuit against Lenovo Group Limited and Lenovo (United States) Inc. June 17 in a New York federal court, alleging violations of New York and federal consumer protection laws.

According to the lawsuit, despite Lenovo’s success in the PC market, for years Lenovo has padded its bottom line using deceptive business practices to deceive consumers about the nature and the value of the products it sells on the Lenovo.com website.

Ham says Lenovo runs a scheme where it fabricates a fictitious original price, sometimes called “Web Price” or “Estimated Value” and then promises users substantial “savings” with a significant discount off the fictitious price. 

Ham says the representations induce reasonable consumers to believe the estimated price represents either the product’s normal price on the website or the standard price in the market.

“These advertised List Prices and purported Discounts, however, are completely illusory or grossly overstated,” Ham states. “In truth, the List Price is simply a work of fiction.” 

Instead, Lenovo has made up a price bearing no resemblance to the market to make it appear customers are getting a discount, the lawsuit alleges. 

No discount is truly provided

Ham alleges that the reality is no discount is provided over Lenovo’s everyday pricing and its products’ actual value and quality are much lower than advertised. 

In fact, all other factors being equal, a customer will incur higher costs by purchasing a product through Lenovo.com due to shipping and handling, he alleges.

Ham is suing on behalf of anyone in the United States who purchased anything on Lenovo.com, for which it advertised both a List Price or Estimated Value and a Sale Price.

He’s suing under New York General Business Law and for breach of express and implied warranties. He’s seeking damages, fees, costs, an injunction and a jury trial.

Meanwhile, Lenovo is facing a class action lawsuit alleging it displays fake regular prices and false sale discounts on its website in order to increase the perceived value of its computer products, a new class action lawsuit alleges. 

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The plaintiff is represented by Russell Busch and Nick Suciu III of Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman, PLLC

The Lenovo Fake Valuations Class Action Lawsuit is Anthony Ham v. Lenovo Group Ltd. et al, Case No.  1:22-cv-05131 in the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York.

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