MCU Fantastic Four Filming Update Revealed in New Report

With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness recently appeared on Disney+, fans around the world are revisiting John Krasinski’s performance as Reed Richards. With HD images and footage now circulating, the big question is once again on everyone’s mind: will the actor return to the role for the big screen adaptation of Fantastic Four? Unfortunately, the answer is unknown—in fact, much about the upcoming project remains unknown.

So what’s new at Marvel Studios? Fantastic Four? One of the biggest updates wasn’t a great update—former director Jon Watts announced that he would be stepping down from the project. According to Deadline, who cracked the information, he just “need[ed] rest” of the superhero genre after his recent time at Tom Holland Spider Man trilogy.

Since then, Marvel Studios has been looking for a new director to replace him. While they “took lots of photos on some big names,” Justin Kroll of Deadline noted in a later report that his sources stated how “[they’d] surprised if the choice was made before Labor Day.”

After Watt’s departure, the only significant update to the film is how moon knightProducers Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin will play the same role in the upcoming MCU big screen adventure.

Well, now, it looks like the newly discovered LLC could point to an important update on the film’s production status.

Fantastic Four Gets Filming Update

Fantastic Four, Marvel Studios

Ronin have revealed another new Disney Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), which they confirmed for the Marvel Studios project.

LLC goes by the name ‘4vibes Productions’, and, remembering the ‘4’ in its designation, The Ronin notes that “possible” company founded for the long-awaited production Fantastic Four reboot from Marvel Studios.

Additionally, the site reveals that whatever the project under this LLC is, it will be a live-action project shot in the UK, potentially at Pinewook UK Studios or Longcross Studios.

Are LLCs Even Fantastic Four?

As pointed out by Christopher Marc in The Ronin, one of the greatest clues to this creature Fantastic Four, apart from the glaring ‘4’ at LLC, is how much studio space they need. For reference, all of that British space is only used for Marvel Studios. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Ant-Man and the Quantumian Waspand Wonder.

It’s also worth noting how Pinewood UK Studios has access to Stageworks Volume technology, which is the VFX capability made famous by Mandalorian. Recently used in Thor: Love and Thunder as good as quantumania. For a film potentially about a brilliant family who loves exploring the edges of the unknown, Volume sounds like quite a useful piece of technology.

While the ‘4’ may seem an obvious giveaway, there’s a previously revealed LLC titled ‘Solve Everything’—which is a direct reference to one of First Family’s greatest stories by Jonathan Hickman.

So if this new LLC is not for Fantastic Four, for what can? Probably not Captain America 4, because the project will be shot in Atlanta, GA. twitter user @MatthewBass_ uncovering potential connections with regard to Egypt, which can show Scarlet Scarab show or film.

Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer yet. At the very least, it seems clear that Fantastic Four just around the corner. Hopefully, more will become apparent in Marvel Studios’ big D23 panel.

Fantastic Four It’s likely to hit theaters in 2024, although no official release window has been set for the public.

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