Rebelde season 2 release date confirmed for July 2022 on Netflix

We have great news to share, rebel fans. Netflix just released its new July 2022 release list and guess what music series is on the list? rebel season 2! You read it right. New season from rebel is coming this summer, and we’re really excited to share the official release date with you.

If you’re not familiar with the show, rebel is a reboot of the acclaimed 2004 Mexican telenovela of the same title. The first season premiered on Netflix in January, and fans of the original series swarmed the streamers to see if the reboot lived up to the original. Most people enjoy rebooting, while others don’t really like the new version.

Nevertheless, Netflix shared the season 2 update just four days after the premiere of the first season. Then, there was a rumor going around that rebel Season 2 has been filmed back-to-back with the first season. This led many to speculate that rebel season 2 is coming to Netflix in late 2022, meaning that two seasons of the music series will be released in a year. While we know there’s a possibility, Netflix rarely releases two seasons of its show in a year. So, we’re not completely selling the idea of ​​a second season coming in 2022.

However, when one of the rebel new star season 2 posted Production is still from the new season with the caption, “Almost there… @soyrebeldenetflix Season 2 arrives Summer 2022” on his Instagram, we’re starting to believe that season two will land on Netflix by the end of the year. But we need the exact date. Summer releases can be anywhere from June to September. Now, the streamer has announced the official release date and we’re sharing it right below!

Rebelde season 2 release date

Get ready to mark your calendar because rebel season 2 is coming to Netflix on Wednesday, 27 July 2022! you can expect finish the second season to land on streamers at 12:00 PT/3:00 ET on July 27. If you live in the Midwest, you see the release time at 02:00 CT on the release date.

The total number of episodes and the episode runtime are unknown, but we might see eight episodes with a runtime of no more than 50 minutes. This will make the second season similar to the first season.

We’re still waiting for the official trailer, and we hope that Netflix will release it by the end of June. Of course, you can count on us to share the trailer once it’s released.

Stay tuned for Netflix Life for more news and coverage on rebel season 2!

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