Snowflake Mountain: Netflix reality show challenges culture war | Reality show

Tthe bones of the new Netflix series Snowflake Mountain are as old as time. This is a reality show about adversity, where an incomplete group of people are dragged into the wilderness and forced to fend for themselves. It’s SAS: Who Dare to Win. It’s me Celebrity. It’s Island with Bear Grylls, or Eden, or Naked and Afraid, or quite possibly a new Squid-sounding Game competition. You have seen the version before, and you will continue to see the version until the end of time.

So how does Snowflake Mountain attempt to differentiate itself from its group? Well, it’s 2022 so, with an unavoidable blow enough to break your bones, he has chosen to throw himself into a culture war.

It was called Snowflake Mountain, because it cried loudly. This is where we as a civilization are now. A series about pampered and overly emotional young people – some of whom have the audacity to take selfies, or live with parents, or own laptops – being dragged into the middle of nowhere seemingly against their will, and all for the benefit of a quietly paying audience. yelling “NOT SO WAKE UP NOW, RIGHT?” on their screens whenever one of them reacts badly to their surroundings. In terms of total dystopia, this isn’t The Running Man, but it’s not that far off either.

Like most shows of its kind, most of the heavy lifting is done in the first few episodes. That’s where we meet the most irresistible contestants. Some are aspiring influencers, others are aspiring party girls. One of them is introduced to a clip of her mother literally placing a golden crown on her head. When they realized what the show was asking of them, the contestants universally started whining, and this whining grew in volume and intensity to the point where – and this is a real part of the show – all their suitcases just exploded in front of them. from them.

This sequence is Snowflake Mountain in the microcosm. Blowing up were Joel Graves and Matt Tate, two men who spent some time in the military and now shout things like “Mother nature is the queen of loud love!” to anyone who happens not to share their cruel worldview and stares at thousands of yards. As the show’s real mentors, it’s their job to force the contestants through prolonged suffering, while constantly reminding them that it’s all for their own good.

Of course, nothing is real. As the series progresses, you quickly realize that neither the snowflake nor the mentor are quite as two-dimensional as they seem. The contestants quickly adapt to their new situations, and the mentors become a reliable shoulder to cry on. They climb the mountain together. They raise several chickens together. They have what is essentially the same as a group therapy session together. Everything is very developed. The thing is, it’s hidden behind the tiresome sheen of the red/blue state division.

Which begs the question: who exactly is Snowflake Mountain for? This isn’t for wet-handed liberals, who will understandably find themselves pissed off at the caricature way of the show and patronizing Gen Z. And it’s not for conservative Fox News either, because they’ll always find themselves on their own. disgusted by the scene where contestants are encouraged to care for living beings and explore their feelings. And it’s not for anyone else, because they’ll just see the words ‘Snowflake Mountain’ in the Netflix submenu and realize their life is too short to engage in this kind of purposely manipulated bullshit.

And this is embarrassing. Because, if treated lightly, children-of-the-days, God-help-us-if-there-war, Snowflake Mountain would be so much more fun to watch. The kids on the show won’t be condensed down to their worst characteristics, the mentors won’t have to present themselves with so much insincere intolerance, and we’ll get a show whose main goal isn’t just to earn. half a day of angry engagement from the worst percentile on Twitter.

But here we are. And if Netflix’s algorithm declares Snowflake Mountain to be a hit, we’ll have more trash like this that will continue to pile up in our throats forever. If you tolerate Snowflake Mountain, Libtard Island will be next.

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