Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2? Netflix Reportedly Will Make More Movies

It’s been four months since Netflix premiere Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the new “old sequel” to Tobe Hooper’s original classic horror film that was released on February 18th. We haven’t heard the slightest bit about the future of the franchise since then, but starting this week rumors have started to spin that Netflix might want to continue the storyline with some sequels.

Yes, the rumors are that Netflix wants to order not one but maybe even two Texas Chainsaw Massacre the sequel, rumors that Bloody Disgusting can not be confirmed. However, we’ve heard that Netflix has had a lot to say about the *possible* potential sequel to . they Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, all depends on the performance of the film.

We checked with our sources and can confirm that Netflix has been discussing plans for a sequel before release, performance is delayed. In other words, Netflix would happily bring back Leatherface for more if enough people stream it Texas Chainsaw Massacre This year. Which begs the question: was the film’s performance strong enough to warrant more?

This is what we know. On his debut weekend, Texas Chainsaw Massacre was #2 on Netflix’s global charts for the week, viewed by subscribers for 29,180,000 hours in the first few days. In its second week available on Netflix, Legacy Sequel is the #3 most-watched film on the streaming service, suggesting it’s sure to be a hit for Netflix.

Netflix only numbers movies for the first two weeks, so the trail gets cold from there. But we know that Texas Chainsaw Massacre Director David Blue Garcia was excited to pick up chainsaws again, revealing in an interview in February that he had already come up with “some really cool ideas” for where the franchise could go next.

In the post-credits teaser scene for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, we see Leatherface return to the famous home of the original Tobe Hooper classic, the place where the nightmare begins. A battered and bloodied Leatherface stumbles down a dirt road carrying his trusty chainsaw, the filmmakers reveal his old family home as the monster’s new destination…

No news whether producer or not Fede Alvarez will stay involved in the future Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies from Legendary & Netflix, but we’ll report more as we study them.

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