The 10 Latest Netflix Shows That Live Up to the Hype

The television industry has been able to step up its game in impressive ways to dominate many pop culture trends. There have never been more distribution channels to consume content, and the streaming wars, still going on in full force, are really gaining steam through Netflix’s acclaimed original programming. Standards continue to grow higher in terms of television content and the parameters for what qualifies as “prestigious TV” are growing more stringent.

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Netflix is ​​slowly turning to a development strategy that seems to prioritize quantity over quality, but this philosophy doesn’t mean that it doesn’t produce useful content. A lot of Netflix’s content looks throwaway, but there are some recent series from the streaming service that are worth investing in.

10 Midnight Mass Is A Work Of Modern Horror That Unveils The Complexity Of Faith

Mike Flanagan has produced a number of TV series and feature films for Netflix, none of which have disappointed, and he’s even still on his way. Flanagan’s latest Netflix deals, midnight Mass, is undoubtedly the filmmaker’s most personal work, but is also widely viewed as his greatest work.

Midnight Mass flows with the eerie suspense of Stephen King’s novels from the 1980s. It tells a wonderful story about the power of faith and how it can be a tool for rebirth and destruction. A small community gradually changes in horrific ways, while a growing power manipulates its religious leaders. This is a rare masterpiece that is terrifying, thought-provoking, and deeply human.

9 Squid Game Enters The Death Game Niche At Just The Right Time

Surprisingly, the entire “death game” subgenre is a popular subject in anime. In this sense, nine episodes Squid Games not necessarily something new. Its premise where disenfranchised social outcasts are forced to participate in deadly games for monumental cash payouts is on par for the course, but Squid Games stands out for its inspired looks and mature writing.

Netflix is ​​fully embracing Squid Games and wants to expand this popular series into a rich universe. There is a debate to be had about whether more Squid Games material is a great idea, but the original series set off a powerful burst of adrenaline.

8 The Queen’s Gambit Turns Precise Puzzles Into Shocking Control Views

There’s a lot of luck involved with Netflix original productions that suddenly click with audiences and grow into a cultural phenomenon. Queen’s Bet is a hard, methodical period work that delves into Beth Harmon, the tortured chess prodigy played by Anya Taylor-Joy.

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The seven-episode miniseries focusing on chess, addiction, and power dynamics may not always seem like everyone’s cup of tea, but Queen’s Bet became one of the most popular Netflix series in 2020 and continued to bring in new viewers throughout 2021.

7 I think you should go with Tim Robinson is Avante-Garde Aggressive Comedy The Best

Comedy is subjective, but it’s so entertaining that Netflix is ​​willing to take the plunge on absurd fiction like I think you should go with Tim Robinson. The underappreciated talent returns Live Saturday Night, Tim Robinson was able to let his surreal impulses fly uncompromisingly on this new sketch comedy nightmare.

I think you should go breaks up awkward social interactions, but the show’s humorous style is so unpredictable that it’s really unlike any other sketch show. Each episode is also filtered to its strongest, and there’s absolutely no fat in any of the installments. Thankfully, there’s at least one more season I think you should go it’s on the way.

6 Weird New Cherry Flavor, Kaleidoscopic Body Horror Nightmare

There’s no shortage of haunting horror content on Netflix, but it’s entirely possible that New Cherry Flavor is the strangest and most intense of these offerings. Set in the 1990s, a stylish neon nightmare unravels an aspiring filmmaker’s rejected love attempt to condemn the abusive producer who stole his project.

New Cherry Flavor really feels like David Lynch meets Quentin Tarantino meets David Cronenberg. There are mindless zombies, cat consumption, and gnarly body horrors that will never leave viewers’ minds. New Cherry Flavor is a breath of fresh air only amplified by Rosa Salazar’s virtuoso performance as Lisa Nova.

5 Hell Is A Dark Dystopian Descendant Into An Unstressed World That Has Lost Its Moral Compass

Some of the most exciting content to come to Netflix over the past few years will be international acquisitions and co-productions, which could effectively highlight how different stories and structures are outside of North America. Originally from South Korea, hell is a penetrating meditation on guilt, life, and belief that explores the cryptic pacts that are starting to dismantle the world.

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The beasts of hell begin to drag the guilty to punishment, but the scenario escalates when seemingly innocent individuals are also subjected to this unholy judgment. hell only six episodes, but tells a complex and thought-provoking story in a short amount of time.

4 The Haunting Of Bly Manor Is Slowly Getting Under The Audience’s Skin And Won’t Go Away

Netflix’s relationship with horror filmmaker Mike Flanagan has turned into one of their most fruitful relationships. Haunting Bly Manor is Flanagan’s second installment of his Haunt the anthology series, and its subtle take on Henry James’ gothic fiction is powerful, but not for everyone.

Bly Manor don’t have some deep fear from it Hill House predecessor, and was interested in telling us more about the internal struggle. Some consider Bly Manor be a step down from Hill Housebut Flanagan moves his melodramatic anthology series into new thematic territory instead of just repeating himself.

3 Saturday Morning All-Star Hits! Escape To Nostalgia

Netflix was able to build a name for itself by taking bigger risks on ambitious ideas that weren’t guaranteed to be a success. Kyle Mooney is the brilliant comedic mind of Live Saturday Night who passionately channeled his love of Saturday morning cartoons from the ’80s and ’90s into the easy pastiche genre. Saturday Morning All-Star Hits! works like a lost TV show that was suddenly restored.

It mixes live action with a myriad of animated parodies, all of which change along the show’s timeline as commentary on commercialization. Saturday Morning All-Star Hits! is a special humour, but those who love Mooney’s understated style will never want to turn off this nostalgic bliss.

2 Archive 81 Unraveling a Haunted Mystery that Spreads Over Two Time Periods

Netflix continues to excel with unconventional horror series, but sadly, some of these programs are lost in the shuffle. Archive 81 is a supernatural series that begins as a film conservationist hired to restore old videotapes from the 1990s, only for him to discover an evil, still-active force.

Exciting narration in Archive 81 played between two time periods, which eventually fuse in a satisfying way. Of course, Archive 81 canceled after its first season, but there is still a sense of closure given at the end of the first season. It’s still very possible to enjoy Archive 81 as a standalone horror story.

1 Love, Death + Robots Is A Dream Come True For Sci-Fi And Animation Lovers

The plethora of streaming services like Netflix has helped anthology-style programs become big hits, and some of the most exciting genre exercises on television. Love, Death + Robot comes from executive producers David Fincher and Tim Miller.

What originally started out as a reboot of the animated anthology film, Heavy metal, has grown into an eclectic collection of science fiction stories and a more varied style of animation. 35 installments have been produced across three show volumes. Neither of these bold presentations feels like a weak link, and there’s bound to be at least one episode that will open viewers’ eyes in new ways.

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