This Editor-Tested Carry-On Beats Away, And It’s on Sale

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Quality luggage is well worth the price, especially when it comes to a suitcase that goes through a lot of wear and tear like a carry-on. That’s why we couldn’t pass up a rare — albeit small — discount on this carry-on from one of our favorite luggage brands. We even tested the Monos Carry-On Pro against the Away Carry-On and found that Monos was the clear winner thanks to its durability and lightweight feel.

The Monos Carry-On Pro may look like a simple hard shell case, but it’s much more. The sleek suitcase offers lots of built-in internal organization and comes with two shoe bags. One of its best features is a front panel that unzips to reveal extra storage, including a laptop sleeve and pockets. Another reason we named the Monos Pro the best option for overpackers is because its heavy-duty handle is secure enough to survive frenzied sprints through the airport or lugging around some extra weight.

So, if you’re in the market for a new piece of luggage that will last, then right now is the perfect time to invest. After all, no deal is too small with a product that will make your travel days just a little bit easier.


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