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Netflix’s anime library is constantly growing, with movies and shows consistently having new additions, and one of the most popular anime, kakegurui, has grown a huge fandom for its unique premise and highly expressive cast. When kakegurui fans continue to wait for the announcement of season 3, they will be happy to enjoy Kakegurui Twinthe spin-off series, will be coming to Netflix in the fall.

kakegurui is an anime series based on manga Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler and, as usual with anime, following transfer student Yumeko Jabami at Hyakkaou Private Academy. The hook or premise of the story in the name of manga, gambling. A student’s status in school and their quality of life is determined by how much money they can earn through gambling. When kakegurui Following Yumeko, Kakegurui Twin following her friend Mary Satome.


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Kakegurui Twin happened one year before the events in the first episode kakegurui. This is a prequel and spin-off series something anime fans are not used to receiving, which provides more insight into who Mary is and why her personality is so vile in episode 1. After all, Mary is also the first person to ever stand up to Yumeko at the academy and the first to be defeated. by him.

The trailer opens with the new character Tsuzura Hanatemari offering a brief explanation of Hyakkaou Academy’s gambling system and structure. Tsuzura is Mary’s childhood friend and we later see her being abused only to later see Mary save her. Later, fans will see a series of scenes from the upcoming season that can’t be talked about without spoilers.

Became a common theme with spin-offs, introductions Twin kakegurui very similar to the pilot series kakegurui. In the same way that Yumeko joins school and enters a gambling game to free her friend who was kept as a pet, Mary Satome does the same for her friend Tsuzura Hanatemari. However, from there we see the difference. The show retains the same aesthetic and appeal of the original in the trailer, but Mary uses a different tack than Yumeko. While Yumeko, like other anime protagonists, will not succumb to dishonorable tactics, Mary must not cheat and use every advantage she can to win in this gambling game. We get that sense in the show as he develops a group of allies to help him rise to power. What’s also interesting is how Tsuzura Hanatemari hasn’t appeared in the main series yet, leading us to believe that she’s no longer at the academy. The only mention of her was Mary gripping Tsuzura’s hairpin.

Anyway, this news got many fans excited. Mary Satome was the most popular character in Japan’s first popularity poll and it’s easy to see why. People tend to like villains that turn into hero stories as we saw with characters like Vegeta in Dragon Ball and other popular events. In addition, the fact that this is a character who is willing to cheat and play dirty to achieve victory for a noble cause is something fans love, in contrast to Yumeko who wins simply by being smarter than her opponents and outwitting. they.

While many are looking forward to this new show, some are not showing the same level of enthusiasm. It’s not uncommon for people to ignore spinoff series that have no impact on the main series despite important story connections or beats. Even so, many will tune into the series soon.

Kakegurui Twin will premiere August 4, 2022 on Netflix.

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Source: Anime Twitter/Netflix

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