FRNDLY TV Introduces Several Upgrades Specifically Requested by Customers – The Streamable

Frndly TV lives up to its name (minus the vocals) with the launch of three new improvements to its user experience, all three requested by streamer users. The platform is a low-cost, live TV streaming service focused on positive, family-friendly content. While it doesn’t feature sports, news, or local channels, Frndly TV has a wide selection of both live and on-demand entertainment options across a wide range of genres including classic TV, romance and educational films.

The first of three updates now active in the updated Frndly TV app is the ability for users to choose how they view the channel guide, either through a traditional layout or with channels alphabetically. Furthermore, Frndly TV has made it easy to find content on the service whether the show or movie is live on the channel or available via video on demand. Finally, the service has improved the “time bar” to give users a more precise reference of how far they are in a program.

“We are always trying to make our customer experience more enjoyable and every element of this is requested by our customers,” said Frndly TV vice president of product and customer experience Joey Monjure. “Our customers are deeply engaged with Frndly TV and we get hundreds of requests and suggestions every month. We are very pleased that we can launch these three elements soon and look forward to bringing more of the functionality that our customers have been asking for in the future.”

Frndly TV says that the channel name program guide alphabetically is the most requested update by the service’s subscribers. Subscribers can now save the listed channels in default order or view them in alphabetical order, making it easier to search for their favorite channels and content.

One of the key factors in the success or failure of all streaming services is their content discovery options. Frndly TV has made an effort to simplify the process for users by introducing easy-to-use tabs at the top of the menu outlining guides for channels, movies, TV shows, and content recorded via the DVR. Now, customers will be able to easily search through shows and movies that are shown live on linear channels or available via VOD quickly and conveniently at their convenience.

The latest update, the more accurate Frndly TV time bar, addressed the issue for many customers. Viewers who pause a program will now know more exactly where they were in their runtime, as well as how many minutes they had left, whether they came back seconds later, or returned to the show in a few days.

After the first quarter of this year, Frndly TV reported a 63% increase in viewing time on its service. The skinny bundle streamer also saw a 15% year-over-year increase in watch hours per subscriber.

While the streamer didn’t report the total number of subscribers after Q1, previous reports indicated that Frndly TV had over 500,000 subscribers after Q4 2021, which is a relatively impressive base for a company that only has around 40 people on staff.

Frndly TV’s growth can also be attributed to its push to add more channels. The company launched 17 additions in 2021, including the Hallmark Channel and CuriosityStream. Six other channels — focusing primarily on nostalgia TV series — have also been introduced this year, including Heroes & Icons and Story Television.

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