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Latest update for Gran Turismo 7 now available, bringing new content, new single-player activities, and a host of other fixes and changes.

Headlining the 2.2GB update, of course, is a new circuit for gaming. This is actually the first completely new song for GT7and not just because of its brand-new location and the circuit that debuted the series: Watkins Glen.

Located in New York State, Glen is a bumpy, fast track that hosts the IMSA Sportscar Championship for six-hour races every summer—which is actually coming this weekend. It’s a popular circuit in other titles, though you should be careful on loops during online events…

You’ll be able to access Watkins Glen, in both the Long Course and Short Course layouts, once you reach Collector Level 17. There are three new races set on the track as well, with the American FR Challenge 550, American Clubman Cup 700, and World Touring Car 800. everything is now unlocked.

A new Circuit Experience is also available, as is a selection of Scene image locations on the circuit.

Three new cars also appear in the update. It started with the Gr.3 version of the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo, allowing Suzuki to enter the Manufacturers Cup in the Gran Turismo World Series from Season 2 onwards. You can buy it from Brand Central, or get it for free during the online championship by signing a contract with Suzuki.

Joining the Vision GT is the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Special. This bewinged monster has been a fan favorite ever since Gran Turismo 2and returned to the series for the first time since Gran Turismo 6. It features the enormous power of a turbocharged 2.5 liter V6 along with colossal aero kit, good for tackling the thin mountain air on a Pikes Peak climb.

Finally there is the 1932 Ford Roadster, better known as the Deuce. A popular car among hot rodders, this particular Deuce appears to be a car located at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, which uses a Chrysler V8 engine – with the rocker cover protruding beyond the engine. It was officially registered as the 1963 car, because that was the year that Dick Smith finished building it.

These last two cars will only be available through the Legends Cars Hagerty Collection, with both hitting showrooms on Friday 24 June.

The update has also expanded the single-player campaign, adding three “Extra Menu” books to GT Cafe. It can be accessed in the new section of the Cafe, and consists of three car collection tasks: Honda Type R, Toyota 86, and “Rotary Engine”.

In each, you must collect three vehicles of a certain type to unlock the rewards, so you may have completed one or more of them. One of the prizes is a six-star ticket containing only the new engine, so collect that Mazda!

This Extra Menu will only appear after you have completed Menu Book 39 and watched the Finale movie, and you need Collector Level 20 or higher for Honda/Toyota Books and 32 or higher for Rotary books.

There’s an extensive list of other changes in the sticky notes, but one that’s coming as welcome news for those hosting their own online events comes in lobby mode: settings can now be changed without having to close the lobby.

Another interesting online change is the addition of Gold, Silver, and Bronze time and prizes to the Time Trial Online, starting with today’s new event for the Escudo Pikes Peak in Alsace Village.

This is actually a moving target, and requires you to be within a certain percentage of the top time overall: 3% for Gold, 5% for Silver, and 10% for Bronze. The rewards are also significant, with 2 million credits available to earn Gold after the Time Trial ends.

Other major changes include returns, from Gran Turismo 6, from the vehicle horn. You have to map a function to a button, and not all vehicles have it — race cars don’t, for example. It’s not clear yet if this will be a single horn sound for all cars or can be customized as in GT6.

There is a new Options menu item for Steering Controller Settings. This will allow you to check the peripheral input of the connection wheel, along with the pedal calibration function.

You’ll be able to find a full list of sticky notes on the forums, along with any undocumented changes not listed in the notes. But one thing not included in the game is the ability to sell your car; it’s still planned for a future update, though we don’t have any specific information about when that might be.

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