I Came By Images Highlights Class War on Netflix Thriller Anvari’s Chapter

Judging by the expressions on their faces, something mischievous and downright evil is on its way for the cast Anvari’s Round‘s I’m coming. Today, Netflix took to Twitter to share its first four views of the upcoming film set to release in select theaters on August 19, before heading to streamers on August 31. Hugh Bonneville, George MacKay, Percelle Ascottand Kelly MacDonald, this thriller promises to deliver nail-biting moments and lots of fright jumps. Apart from directing, BAFTA recipient Anvari also co-wrote the screenplay Namsi Khan. Known for his excellent work behind horror and thriller films including wound and Under the Shadow (which earned him a BAFTA for Outstanding Debut By a British Writer, Director, or Producer), we know the terror to come I’m coming will keep us on the edge of our seats.


The feature centers around an up-and-coming, but still underground and unknown British graffiti artist (MacKay), who likes to add an extra layer of thrill to his spray paint adventures by breaking into the homes of the rich (and sometimes famous). Once inside, he takes his artistic freedom to the next level by coating the walls and their treasures in his paint-based musings. While he is clearly seen as a threat by members of high society and the police tasked with finding him, those in the lower classes celebrate the elusive painter as a rogue hero. But after one break-in (presumably into Bonneville’s character’s house) goes awry, the artist finds himself caught up in a game of cat and mouse full of secrets and deadly consequences.

In the first image, we see our rich and powerful antagonist (Bonneville) dressed in ninth and talking to a police officer, presumably about something to do with spray cans of capers. MacKay and Ascott’s characters take center stage in the next shot with both men looking both sweaty and worried. Dressed in all black, it looked as though the rebellious artist had just returned from one of their shows and might have seen something they couldn’t see. In this action shot, we caught who we thought were the characters MacKay and Ascott getting down to business. In a dark room lit only by their headlights, the two of them left their mark on a wall purely belonging to a member of a high society. The last photo highlights a MacDonald character we know so little about. Judging from this shot, we think that MacDonald will be one of the police officers either after the mysterious painter or the darker forces who reveal themselves during the feature.

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These photos have become the first official media to come from the team behind I’m coming, so there’s still a lot left to speculate. Luckily for us, the film’s premiere is only two months away, and a trailer will most likely be out soon. For now, you can check out the rest of the images below and stay tuned on Collider for future updates!

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