Lingoda Partners With Polyglot and Netflix Host Jo Franco

The Netflix host traveled to Berlin in partnership with Lingoda to test his new German language skills.

Jo Franco

Jo Franco

Jo Franco

MIAMI, June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lingodaleading online language school, partnering with polyglots and language learning enthusiasts Jo Francowho challenges himself to learn German in two months during a Lingoda Language Sprint™. This intensive language learning course, designed by Lingoda, challenges students to take everyday language classes in a short amount of time for a chance to earn some cash back. During the program, students are encouraged to speak regularly, following a set curriculum, to give them the confidence after two months to speak their new language comfortably.

Now, Netflix host “The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals” have accepted the challenge of learning German with Lingoda’s 24/7 live classes. Franco will travel to Berlin from June 21-26 to try out his new language skills and test whether Lingoda’s classes have given him the tools to chat confidently with locals in the German capital.

The partnership between Lingoda and Franco will run from June 20 to July 5. During this time, he will take group and individual classes to crush his German learning goals.

“As soon as I heard about the challenges of learning Lingoda, I said, ‘ich bin dort’ (I was there)! I was really looking forward to mastering German because it has a reputation for being very difficult to learn. Lingoda, which outlines everything and focuses on real-life language and cultural contexts as well,” Franco said. “After all, I learned the language for the people they allowed me to contact. With more German skills, there are more opportunities to talk to locals in Berlin, which is really everyone’s summer trip goal – to be able to speak the language. the country you’re traveling to, so you can make genuine connections.”

The Berlin-based online language school is equally pleased to partner with Franco.

“He is a language learning enthusiast and is passionate about every new language he uses,” said Mike Shangkuan, Executive Advisor at Lingoda. “With his community of language learners, we are grateful to know that Jo provides honest feedback in our classes. And we are confident that with Jo’s natural way of learning a new language quickly, she will be able to experience Berlin like a local.”

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