MCU’s Fantastic Four Get Exciting New Filming Update After Disney+’s Doctor Strange 2 Hits

After seeing John Krasinski’s portrayal of Reed Richards in Doctor Strange 2, there was a big question on everyone’s mind. Will the actor take on the role again for the film version of Fantastic Four? Unfortunately, there are many unknown variables regarding this upcoming project and the answer is yet to be confirmed. One of the most significant developments in the latest Fantastic Four news is the departure of longtime director Jon Watts. The only substantial change to the film since Watt’s departure is that Moon Knight producers Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin will be playing the same roles in the upcoming MCU big screen adventure. Now, the recently discovered LLC could represent an important development on the state of film production.

Mr.  Fantastic, Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four comics
Mr Fantastic, Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four comics.

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New production update for Fantastic Four:

2015 Fantastic Four Reboot.
2015 Fantastic Four Reboot.

Disney Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) was recently announced by The Ronin, who also verified that it was for a Marvel Studios initiative. Given the “4” element in the 4vibes Productions name, it can be assumed that this is the much-awaited Fantastic Four remake that Marvel is working on. Also, it appears that whatever the MCU production is, it will be filmed in the UK, suggesting that it will be live-action and will require studio space. Every detail here fits perfectly into the Fantastic Four theme. Additionally, according to rumors, Marvel Studios could launch a new Blind Faith LLC, LLC that will be tied to the Daredevil franchise. The company’s unusual name is an Easter egg for superhero history, given that Daredevil is visually impaired and has strong Catholic beliefs.

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Is the Fantastic Four-LLC speculation correct?

Fantastic Four from comics.
Fantastic Four from comics.

Aside from the obvious ‘4’ in LLC, one of the strongest indicators that this is for a Fantastic Four movie is how much workspace they need. It’s also important to note that Stageworks Volume technology, the VFX capacity made popular by The Mandalorian, is available at Pinewood UK Studios. Both Quantumia and Thor: Love and Thunder have recently used it. Volume seems like a pretty useful technique for a possible scenario of a smart family enjoying exploring the furthest reaches of the unknown. The number “4” may look like a dead giveaway, but there’s an LLC previously published under the name “Solve Everything,” which may be a reference to one of Jonathan Hickman’s greatest works on First Families.

Unfortunately, there is currently no definitive answer. While no definite release date has been officially announced, at the very least, it looks like the Fantastic Four will be in theaters sometime in 2024.

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