Netflix Games takes ‘Into The Breach’ as ​​a mobile exclusive

It’s safe to say that not everything went smoothly at , considering it just laid off another 300 employees. However, the company’s gaming division is compiling a strong library of titles. Among them are exclusive mobile ports of some beloved indie such as and Netflix only another one with .

Netflix subscribers will have exclusive access to into transgression on iOS and Android starting July 19. It’s the exact same turn-based strategy title available on PC, and Stadia, albeit with a tweaked touch interface for smaller screens.

into transgression is one of . You control three mechs and the main objective is to protect the structure from the monsters known as Vek. Each map has its own objective and you have a fixed number of rounds to complete. The trick is, when it’s your turn, you’ll see exactly what the monster will do on its next move, which makes into transgression a puzzle game. Because it’s like a roguelike and the scenario is procedurally generated, no two runs are the same.

When into transgression Landing on iOS and Android next month, Subset Games will be releasing a major update for all platforms. studio The free Advanced Edition update will expand almost all elements of the game. It will add more mechanics, weapons, enemies, challenges, pilots and abilities. Support for another seven languages ​​will be added — Arabic, Thai, Swedish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, and Spanish (Latin America) — bringing the total to 17. A physical edition will be released for Nintendo Switch later this year as well.

Netflix’s gaming push started small but has increased significantly over the past year. Among the well-regarded indies that are considered mobile exclusives are , and In front of your eyes. latest FMV game from The story and Lie creator Sam Barlow, coming to Netflix Games, as-is from Monument Valley Ustwo studio.

Netflix also has a lineup of original games. That includes some based on their own properties—such as , Queen’s Bet and Money Theft — as well as fantastic likes from lower creator Ojiro Fumoto. Netflix aims to have 50 games available to subscribers by the end of the year.

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