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Bridgerton. (left to right) Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma, Charithra Chandran as Edwina Sharma in Bridgerton episode 208. Kr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022

Netflix Bridgerton runaway Simone Ashley spoke to Awards Daily about how she had the mindset of being both an older sister and a woman struggling to fall in love. He also talked about how to be Bridgerton opened doors for him and gave him the opportunity to pursue various projects. Finally, he reveals why Quentin Tarantino should really call him

Awards Daily: I read in a previous interview that your parents were very afraid of you becoming an actor. Are they a little less worried now?

Simone Ashley: Yes, of course. I mean, they’ve always been very supportive. The entertainment industry is quite foreign to my family and I am the only person in my family who has decided to take this career path. So there was never anyone I could turn to or get advice from, so in this case I did it myself. So yeah, they’re naturally parents, they just want me to be okay and make sure I’m doing the right thing. I have always been very determined and worked hard and it has proven to help me get to where I am now. I think they were happy that I got the job but at the same time very supportive.

Daily Rewards: Many things work Bridgerton is the chemistry you have with Jonathan Bailey. And one of the biggest shows for me and probably for a lot of people is when he chases the bees away from you. What happened in creating the scene?

Simone Ashley: The scene is a little different from what we read in the books. In the romance books shift because they have broken through the physical barrier and they are forced to get married. Obviously in the series we wanted to slow that pace and build tension between the two. I really think Kate and Anthony mirror each other in what they’ve been through in the past. The trauma of losing their father, and we can see it in Anthony. I think this is a moment for me to show who Kate is as a person and how she cares for other people, protects other people. He is very emotionally intuitive and intelligent in a very different way of self-realization. She may not be as academic or formative as the other women we see in the series but I think she really understands feelings. He is a writer, he has a younger sister, he is around animals quite often. It was something I actually made a conscious choice to project into the scene. How could he calm down a pretty primal, pretty wild Anthony, especially at this point. And I think a lot of people misunderstand that and turn away from it. But Kate has patience and a deep level of understanding and that’s what really binds them and makes their stars align. That they share that pain and trauma and see behind what other people do. I think those scenes are really beautiful and high moments when we get to peek at them. I think this is a scene of what happens when someone doesn’t give up on you and where it goes. They dread it as soon as they realize they felt something and it was something they couldn’t escape, and there’s been no turning back from then on. Jonathan and I worked very closely throughout the series but that scene in particular we did our work independently. What’s so wonderful about working with him is that as soon as the camera is on we are very focused and have tunnel vision and we can have a conversation between the two of us, whether it’s spoken or articulated without words, it’s very special. work experience.

Awards Daily: I was really impressed by the difference it made from the book. It was a really interesting way of turning things around and really worked for the series.

Simone Ashley: I think so too. As much as physical love is entertaining to watch on screen, I think Jonathan and I are actors who enjoy exploring the psychological intimacy of characters as well. I thought that, paired with our chemistry working together, was a huge challenge to make it an eight-episode narrative until we studied the fireworks moments between them. So yes, I am a big supporter of that change.

Daily Award: You mentioned how much Kate cares for her sister. How did you and Charithra Chandran prepare to become sisters?

Simone Ashley: So when Charithra and I got the role, we really didn’t have much time to practice with each other. Then with the COVID restrictions we couldn’t even socialize much outside of filming. Charithra and I share a makeup truck and team and I think a makeup truck is a very intimate space for actors. We were in the chair from, like, 4am to the end of each day together. For me it’s just observing him as a person and as an actor seeing the way he interacts with people. I found him so charming and everyone did, he had such great energy on set. He is a person who likes to relate to people. I think it’s part of the job, just observing her as an actress and personally, that really develops this emotional attachment, and it’s a very authentic feeling about her as a little sister. Someone I admire but want to protect and care for. We work very closely on our accents with our accent coach Jane Karen, and both Charithra and I are Tamil women of South Indian descent. So there’s a lot there for us to find common goals and discuss and learn from each other. It’s one thing to have a romantic female lead be a dark-skinned Indian woman in a series, but having a sister to play as well, also from the same parents, was a first for me. I’ve worked with other Indian actors before but seeing someone of the same skin color as me from the same region as me is very special and very rare for me. I think without a doubt I developed a fairly authentic bond with Charithra in that sense. You also see Kate learns a lot from Edwina in the series in the second half and I feel the same way with Charithra because I learned a lot from her about my heritage, my culture, and what it means to be a big brother.

Awards Daily: Will we see more of it in another season?

Simone Ashley: I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s confirmed, at least it hasn’t been confirmed to me. We haven’t even received a script for the next season yet. So it’s all a little in the air.

Awards Daily: Since you didn’t know, what do you expect from your character in season three?

Simone Ashley: I think what we’re going to see is Kate and Anthony post-wedding, and one of the great things we’re seeing in Kate is her growth. She has always been a self-conscious, independent woman, but she is very guarded and deeply lost in her own trauma and problems, her fear of falling in love and giving up on love. But we watched him grow up and give up on it with Anthony, and he found love. I really want to see a more playful side between Kate and Anthony. I would love to see her become a character people can relate to in a sense okay, she’s married now, maybe she wants to have kids, have a family, be a woman. And she’s on that journey, and I want to think that I’m also on that journey, as a young actress stepping into this field and on my own journey finding myself, my own voice. I would also like to see him remain independent and in control and take on the responsibilities of being the head of the household. She would become a Viscountess and she would be part of the community now. He was very lonely in the second season. I think I’d like to see him become a part of the community and help his family too.

Awards Daily: I read that you are a big fan Kill Bill movies and you also learn to kick the box. What about the action genre that appeals to you so much, and has Quentin Tarantino contacted you?

Simone Ashley: He hasn’t contacted me yet but that’s a good question. One day hopefully, or maybe I’ll contact him. I’m a big fan of his work. I grew up on Disney movies growing up with all the classics, and I’ve always had a deep love for music. So walking into my living room and seeing a Tarantino movie was a stark contrast to what I experienced growing up. What he did mix anime in the film and the soundtrack was amazing. Uma Thurman’s character is a woman who is out for revenge but comes from a place of heart because she wants to find her baby. Everything is complicated with love and hate. The fight scenes in the movie were amazing and I’m quite an athletic person. I find it quite meditative, whether it’s training for a movie or just working out. I found my strength and I like to see my body as an instrument in that sense. It’s fun, it’s cool, and it’s liberating. Simply put, that’s what I love about it. There’s nothing more liberating than just being the badass woman on screen and the hard work that goes into it. So yes I love action movies. I love seeing women like Uma Thurman play roles like this and I love the challenge. I’ve always loved high energy sports whether it’s horseback riding, motorcycle riding, kickboxing. I find it very pleasant.

Daily Rewards: You start your own production company to help yourself with other projects. How’s that?

Simone Ashley: It’s going really well. I looked at Margot Robbie, and I watched what she did with her career from Wall Street Wolf to I, Tonya—all the amazing projects he has produced and starred in. There’s someone I work with who always says, in this industry a finger is not a wand, in the sense that sometimes people think it’s like a magic wand and you get a role and the script will land in your lap, and you’re going to get this amazing breakthrough, and work with this director. And yes, it might happen, but you also have to make it happen. You can make it happen, you can put together your own creative project, you can write your own narrative and be in the driver’s seat. That’s what I love about production. I have a deep love for music and an interest in soundtracks, and whenever I listen to music, I’m always, like, this is going to sound great in this kind of scene, or there needs to be a narrative behind this song or album. . What I want to say is before I daydream listening to these songs on my headphones. But now Bridgerton has given me this platform where it can come true. I can call my team and say I’d like to have a meeting with this person. I have this idea, and how can we all work together to create something? I have a community of people I like working within my company. It’s a very early stage but when I’m not filming I’m putting a lot of work into some of the things that are in the background that I can’t wait to announce. There are many people I want to work with, from Mindy Kaling to different musical artists. A lot of interesting things are happening now.

Bridgerton streams exclusively on Netflix.

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