Unspoken Bond Renewal Friday 24 June 2022

Unspoken Bonds June 24, 2022::Episode starts with Nandini arguing with Shamika. He defends and praises Darsh. Dars smiled. Some time back, Darsh reaches the temple. He asks driver to get garland. He hears Nandini and goes to thank her. Shamika comes to the same stall. Darsh hears his voice and recalls it. Darsh turns to leave. He collides with a man and falls down. The men ask him to use walking stick. Darsh says anyone can collide anytime, I know this way, I never needed any stick. Shamika sees her and goes to help. He asks her to take the phone. He says its me Shamika. He says sorry from his side, he is blind, can’t you see. Darsh is angry. He says I don’t think I m blind, what are you doing here. He says relax, this is public place, you can live normal life with someone’s help, I will call Rajvi. He thinks nothing has changed, you took pity on me even 3 years ago, you are still showing that I can’t do anything without support. He says don’t call mom, I will manage.

He says you will not fail if you take help. He says I don’t need help, I need love but… She says fine, I will drop you in car. He says you pity me, what are you doing, I don’t like sympathy. He says fine, you can vent anger, I know I m not in your life, I have moved on, I respect our relation, I can’t leave you alone. He says just leave my hand. He observes that she is wearing the same bracelet given by him. He says you moved, right, why did you wear this bangle till now, there is diamond, right, its precious, you have removed me from your life, am I right. He says I was worried for you, so I m here, people like you have to depend on someone, put your ego aside, can you think to cross roads, shop alone, why are you single, why did you not get married. Nandini comes and makes her wear the garland. He says Darsh ji….

He asks did you not make garlands for me, we have to make garlands for each other, till then we can’t go inside temple. Darsh thinks what Nandini said. Shamika asks who are you. Nandini says I am his fiancé, Nandini, we got engaged today. Shamika asks what did he say Darsh. Nandini shouts. Shamika asks why are you shouting. Nandini says I think your hearing ability is low, I will take garland made by Darsh and enter. Shamika asks why are you insulting her, if she can do normal things, then why did she marry country girl. Darsh says I don’t care if she is country girl, who are you to judge her, I m glad she understands me. Nandini says Darsh will make garlands today. He goes to get needle and thread.

He makes Darsh sit. He says we don’t have to prove anything. He says we have to complete the rituals, I will guide you. They make garlands. Shamika sees it. Aapki nazron…plays… Shamika says how stupid, Darsh can get hurt by needle. Nandini says garland is ready, it is beautiful. Darsh asks really. Nandini asks Shamika to see, Darsh has made garlands, it was a small thing, he has jumped in river and saved my life from storm, he is traveling abroad alone, he clicks beautiful photos, he fights goons to protect people. He counts everything Darsh did. He says she is very capable, you show mercy to others, I m country girl, I m not with you as she is rich, her heart is more precious than any treasure in the world. He asks Darsh to make him wear garland, they will take selfie. Darsh makes her wear garland. Shamika leaves. Nandini sees Shamika standing and looks at them. He asks Darsh to take selfie. He says you are very tall. He clicks selfie and says it is beautiful. Shamika says they look very happy together, like they were made for each other, I thought Darsh was not suitable for me after the accident, actually, I was not suitable for Darsh. She goes. Darsh asks did Shamika go. Nandini says yes. He asks did I ask for help, why did you come. He says I did not ask for help when you came to save my life, I did not see anything wrong in you. He asks how did you know all this. He says I know that girl just saw your weakness after you went blind, she is materialistic, I will go temple, don’t feel bad with her words. She goes.

Dars smiled. He goes to his car. Driver asks why did you open door for me. Darsh makes him sit. Darsh recalls Nandini’s words. Khamoshiyon mein….playing…. Darsh sits in the car and leaves. He came home. Shobit asks who made you wear this garland, you went to temple, right, what happened there, did anything happen. Darsh walks towards the pool. Shobit says there is a pool in front, be careful. Darsh enters the pool and says its love, I fell in love. Shobit is happy for him. Darsh says I didn’t think it would happen again, it just happened. Shobit happily jumps in the pool and says its your true love, I m so excited, tell me your love story, what is the name of that girl. Darsh recalls Nandini. He says I met him in storm first, I saved him in storm and did not come out of storm till now. Shobit asks what is his name.

Darsh says he is clean hearted, he always helps others. Shobit says tell the name. Darsh says he misunderstood often, he always misunderstood, but he gave me a good name, Lafenga. Shobit recalls Nandini. He says it means Nandini. Shobit says dont break this alliance, Darsh is in love with Nandini. Rajvi gets angry on Vanlata Baa and throws the stick. Some time ago, Shobit says I really like that girl, she is perfect for you, its my responsibility to unite you, I will tell Candy man, it will be easy, why are you stressed now. Darsh says I can’t tell him about my feelings. Shobit asks are you worried about status, if mum does not agree, don’t stress, we will convince everyone. Darsh says no, I can’t see, should I become love blind so that I fill darkness in her life, how will I stain her life, when she is so clean in heart, I can’t do this, I think its good to get love from you all, I can’t love a girl and wrong her. Shobit cries. Darsh says its not fair.

Shobit says I have done injustice with you, I don’t deserve any love, I’m sorry. Darsh says I never blamed you, if I was driving and this accident happened with you, would you blame me. Shobit says it would be better if it happened to me. Darsh says shut up, its a small love story, love happens and then heart breaks, what if I can’t tell her how I feel, its okay. Shobit says I am very sorry. Rajvi asks why did you call me here. Shamika says I did not have courage to come there, I was proven wrong today, I want to apologize to you, I m very happy, you found a perfect girl for Darsh, he is very happy with her. Rajvi asks which girl. Shamika says Nandini, her fiancé. He told me everything. He says Nandini cares for her a lot, I cant do this, maybe my worries will be a pity, she is just like you, she treats Darsh normally, there is no better girl than Nandini, I did not come to give any character certificate, i have come to apologize, i did not marry Darsh as he cant see, my husband is not blind but we ignored each other, we are incomplete, Darsh is complete with Nandini, its good I met Nandini today, else I would not have never realized this. Shobit meets Charmy. He says I tried to explain Darsh, he did not agree. He says cheer up, its your birthday. He says Darsh loves Nandini a lot and is worried about her future. He says we will not talk about this, come. He plays horror movies. He says no, I m scared. He says movie started, this scare looks so cute, I m trap cute guy soon. He asks do you really find me funny. He said a lot. They smile.

Nandini talks about Darsh and Shamika. He says Shamika is very beautiful, but she is unreasonable, she does not value Darsh, I will also look beautiful if I wear lipstick. Bansuri come. Nandini hides her lipstick. Rajvi makes kheer and asks servant to serve it to Shobit. Servant wishes Shobit happy birthday today. Shobit stops Rajvi from talking. He says I know Gordhana Darsh happened with Nandini by mistake, don’t break this relation, as Darsh is in love with Nandini. He asks what, how did this happen, they are not compatible, she is educated, she is a country girl, how can she adjust to us, how will Darsh adjust, its good that he forgot this Gordhana. Vanlata comes and asks what about Nandini, I have accepted her as bahu and got this shagun for her, its a walking stick. Rajvi is angry.

He asks how dare you get this. He throws it. Vanlata taunts Rajvi. He thinks I will not send Nandini to your house. He recalls hearing Bansuri and Nandini talking. He asks did we make a mistake, did you not like the gift. Shobit says stop it, shut up. Rajvi says get out. Vanlata asks why are you feeling bad, I would not have come here knowing you will kick me out. Rajvi says we can never have an alliance. Vanlata thinks I want the same thing too. Rajvi says we will destroy Gordhana and tells you, get out. Vanlata leaves.

Rajvi gets angry on Shobit. He says I will not spoil Darsh’s life by getting him married in that house. Shobit says happy birthday to myself, great start. He gets a call.

Charmy wishes him again and says I love you. He says I love you too, I spoke to mum about Darsh, everything happened wrong. He asks does he want you. He says his mood got spoiled, else he will wish on me, how will I make Darsh meet his love. Darsh hears radio. RJ tells about love. He says such feeling since I met Nandini in temple. He says its confirmed, that his love. RJ says there is a strong relation between love and mata. Dars worries.

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