What’s the Polish LGBTQ drama Queen on Netflix about?

Just in time for Pride 2022, Queen on Netflix is ​​a touching Polish LGBTQ television drama series about a Parisian tailor who moonlights as a drag queen.

After leaving his home for decades, Sylwester (Andrzej Seweryn) returns home to make amends with his daughter (Maria Peszek). Netflix subscribers may also recognize a familiar face in the series as Weird Eyes star Antoni Porowski made him return to acting in Queen as an assistant tailor named Antoś. It’s not too surprising to see him appear here as Antoni was raised by Polish parents after they emigrated to Canada.

With just four episodes, this limited series is the perfect weekend binge on a relatively slow weekend on Netflix. But given the emotional subject matter, I imagine you’ll want to grab a tissue while watching.

You might recognize Seweryn from another Netflix series, the Polish crime thriller Mire. Queen also stars Maria Peszek, Julia Chętnicka, Kova Rea, Paweł Koślik, Henryk Niebudek and Piotr Witkowski.

Synopsis Queen on Netflix

Sylwester is a retired tailor who left Poland more than 50 years ago. But after receiving a letter asking him to donate his kidney to his ailing daughter, he returns to his home for the first time in years to make amends and face his past.

Based on the trailer for the project, Queen looks like an awesome, poignant queer production and it’s always great to see the streaming service thrive when it comes to storytelling. Netflix really brings it up with amazing foreign content.

Read the full synopsis from Netflix:

Sylwester, a retired seamstress who is now part-time as a drag queen, left Poland fifty years ago and has lived in Paris ever since. One day he gets a letter, asking him to donate a kidney to his sick daughter, whom he left years ago and has never seen. Reluctantly, he embarks on a journey back to his homeland, to the coal mining town he swore never to return. The journey takes an unexpected turn, forcing Sylwester to confront the past and use her artistic skills to put on a stage production to save this small coal mining town. This is a story of redemption, second chances, and love overcoming all differences.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the intimate series, you can watch the official trailer below. Queen now streaming only on Netflix.

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