24 Fan-Made Fake Trailers Better Than The Original Movie

When it comes to marketing, the multi-bajillion dollar budget of nearly every theatrical release of the last decade’s tentpole has left little room for experimentation, or often fun. There are still great, thrilling trailers made for Hollywood movies, but there are also similarities creeping in, with upcoming attractions often feeling as though they were made from the same, safe, time-tested, but uninspired template.

As fan culture has taken over the box office, the real fans in the field are the ones who have done a king job of reimagining popular franchises in new and exciting ways. We may never see a real big-budget Muppet film directed by Rob Zombie, a twee indie Mario Bros film, or a ’70s/80s superhero team, but we are invited to imagine those concepts through some fans and filmmakers. very clever with maybe too much time on their hands (bless them).

Many of the following fan-made trailers are better (and far more labor-intensive) than the actual trailers you might see on the big screen. Equally often I’d also rather see an imagined fake film than much of what actually makes it to the big screen.

Frasier (2022)

No words about it more frasier a revival that’s been in the works since at least last year, but, meanwhile, here’s a sitcom reimagined as a gritty psychological thriller; given the mixed messages we’re getting about event updates, this could easily hit the mark. The creepy “Tossed Salad and Scrambled Egg” strain is a nice touch.

From MP Miscellaneous.

The Last of Us (2021)

long pregnant Last from us the series is coming to HBO next year (with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey), but this concept trailer envisages an alternative path. Rather convincingly, it manages to stir excitement about a show that, hopefully, fits into this fan trailer.

From Hard hit.

Marvel’s Universe of Horror (2022)

It’s not surprising—it incorporates some spooky clips from more than a decade of MCU history (along with parts from Ghost Rider, Venom, and, God help us, Morbius)—but it makes an excellent case for more horror movies straight out of the box. between the Marvels.

From ASrix UI.

Justice League (2012)

With a mix of some modern DC shows and movies (including Adrianne Palicki’s abandoned Wonder Woman series), this fan trailer suggests a possible movie that will be a little more fun than we got. If nothing else, it makes a convincing case for Jonathan Pryce as a DC villain.

From SuperboyX.

Batman and Superman: Best in the World (2011)

In retrospect, maybe Superman and Batman is the way to go, rather than having them fight for two hours and change.

From Damage, Inc.

The Warriors Remake (2019)

I’m not sure that Soldiers requires that much remake it just needs to be seen by more people, but it makes a fair case that it can be done right.

Via LaTonya Swann, from YouTuber Ram.

Lightning Cat (2008)

A very clever mix of repurposed footage and CGI gimmicks, this one is a reminder that we’ll be Thunder Cat movies anytime now. Hello!

From WormT.

Ferris Bueller Holiday Recut (2011)

Ferris Bueller convincingly reimagined as an indie twee comedy.

From Joseph Brett.

Brilliant Recut (2006)

Light slightly less convincingly reimagined as a romantic family comedy.

Through neochosen on YouTube.

Indie Movie Trailer Mario Bros (2011)

Without exaggerating, I would totally buy a ticket for this.

From pixelspersecond.

CSI: Legoland (2011)

The image of a horribly murdered Lego figure is as funny as it is disturbing. Given the proliferation of these two franchises, I’d be a little surprised if we don’t get a real-life version one day.

From pixelspersecond.

Minesweeper – Film (2007)

<p>I fell asleep for <em>warship</em> movies, but I'll give it a try. Legit surprised this isn't a real movie, actually.</p><p>From <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.youtube.com/c/collegehumor">CollegeHumor</a>.</p><h2>Harry Potter Spring Teen Comedy</h2><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_ubmjE21SY

There’s a teen-age comedy lurking in all the Harry Potter films; this fan trailer suggests they might have done well with those elements a little closer to the surface.

Via pleiades14 on YouTube, from davidthewlis.net.

Titanic SUPER 3D (2012)

Look, I’ve seen Giant Pretty much any time I’ll get tickets to George Lucas/JJ Abrams/Michael Bay re-edit and enjoy every minute.

From GunShrimp.

The House of 1,000 Muppets (2007)

You can put Muppet into any genre and it works. Even the horror genre Rob Zombie.

From handlebar779.

Wholock (2013)

Steven Moffat era Doctor who it blends so naturally with showrunner contemporaries of Sherlock Holmes that I’m actually a little surprised that this isn’t a true crossover.

From John Smith.

Green Lantern (2009)

Something extraordinary green lantern unfinished film. Reflecting the moment when Nathan Fillion could have made a perfect GL (he voiced a character in animation), the trailer looks a little more fun than the film we got back in 2011.

From jaronpitts.

Retro Justice League Trailer (2020)

Michael Keaton, Christopher Reeve, Lynda Carter and John Wesley Shipp face off against Joker Jack Nicholson and Lex Luthor Gene Hackman? Perfection.

From Production List.

He-Man: Masters of the Universe Movie Teaser (2007)

recently Master The renaissance has included several animated shows, the upcoming live-action She-Ra series for Netflix, and a film in the works. 2007 was a very different time for He-fans, even though He-ground had been dormant for some time. This fan trailer is great and, thankfully, it’s pretty good.

From marzli.

She-Ra Princess of Power Cosplay Trailer (2019)

Impressive cosplay, multiple special effects, and sincere and honest ponies make this one the best.

From KevinDirector.

The Legend of Zelda (2008)

How is there no The Legend of Zelda movie already? Ignore the fact that this trailer was released as an April Fools’ joke in 2008…which means. It looks good, doesn’t it?

From IGN.

The Legend of Zelda: A Live Action Movie Trailer (2015)

However, still no feature-length Zelda film.

From Backyard Movie Maker.

Star Wars: Sweden’s Last Jedi (2017)

A real trailer for a real movie, just not exactly Last Jedi trailer released by Lucasfilm. Folx at Dumb Drum has made a number of similar recreations, and all of them are quite fun…this just happens to be one of the best and most technically impressive.

From stupid drums.

Akira Project (2014)

Tetsuo! Kaneda! This impressively composed and rendered fan trailer for live-action Akira movies have pretty much everything you could want in such a project, with such a fidelity to the source material that it’s impossible for us to see if the old Hollywood-planned version ever shows up.

From Second Tomorrow.

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