First class season 1 review


We followed the lives of a group of close party friends through the cultural city of Barcelona.

This review of the Netflix reality series First Class season 1 contains no spoilers.

Netflix has released a reality show The main class, created by Marta Torné, and starring a group of successful friends based in Barcelona, ​​living their best lives. In this series, we enter their lives and follow them as they share their love of shopping, lavish parties and exclusive events.

Again, we have another reality television series where we follow a group of rich people and see how they live their daily lives. There have been many series like this recently, all in different regions of the world. From the UK to Asia and the US, this series takes us to the beautiful and artistic Barcelona.

Starring Aldo Comas, Archie M. Alled-Martínez, Clara Courel, Lucía Sáez-Benito, lex Agulló, Amanda Portillo, Marc Patsy, Zaida Márquez, Meilan Kao, Carola Etxart, Julie Brangstrup, Ferrán Ribó, lex Sáez; and Cristina Fontella; everyone has something to offer — some are faster, others are so eccentric that they always carry a parachute with them, just in case a plane is around to jump out.

Among this heterogeneous group, the series features journalists, designers, artists, models and DJs. Together they show us what it’s like to live in an artistic historic city. We got beautiful shots of Barcelona, ​​the Costa Brava and the south of France. If anything, this series has made me want to book a luxurious, artistic, and hot vacation.

Although the content and characters are very similar to other reality series, I enjoyed the arts and culture themes as a whole. The main class trying to show a life without fear and limitations, rather than flaunting wealth and spending that wealth. Everyone prefers to have fun, rather than create drama and suspense.

From going to the opera to skydiving, this series has a lot of entertainment value, and with episodes lasting anywhere from forty to forty-five minutes, you can easily watch the series. What’s really inspiring is how this series makes you want to live life to the fullest and celebrate everyone around us. You will really enjoy this series if you want to see how the other half lives and if you enjoy other series like Bling Kingdom and Made by Chelsea.

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