No Man’s Sky is out in October on Switch, will be single-player-only “at launch”

If the whole universe in the palm of your hand sounds neat, you’re probably already excited about the launch of space exploration sim No Man’s Sky on Switch. And it turns out that the wait for his arrival never ends also even longer, with developer Hello Games now confirming it’s coming to Nintendo consoles – initially as a single-player experience – on October 7.

No Man’s Sky, of course, launched for PC and PS4 in the summer of 2016, giving players a whole procedural world to explore at their own pace. That early version met some criticism, but Hello Games has continued to expand on the game’s solid survival core since then, delivering over 19, often significant, free updates.

It has introduced the likes of base buildings, bobbleheads, farms, giant customizable spaceships, land and water vehicles, pilotable mechs, living ships, alien-infested abandoned space, new flora and fauna, pets, expeditions. live service style community, musical instruments, sandworms, and more – all to be included at launch on Switch.

No Man’s Sky – Nintendo Switch Release Date Announcement.

However, one notable omission is multiplayer – added to other platforms in July 2018, and allowing players to build, explore, and battle with friends – which will not be included in the Switch version “at launch”. Hello Games said it will continue to expand the game post-release, but there’s no word on whether it will include multiplayer arrival on the Switch.

“No Man’s Sky on this tiny portable device feels so natural and so impossible at the same time,” said Sean Murray of Hello Games about the new Switch version as part of today’s announcement. “This is a real achievement for our small team. No Man’s Sky is built around procedural generation, which means consoles produce everything you see. This makes it a lot harder to get our game to something like Switch, but I think this team never seemed happier than when they try to do almost impossible things.”

Alongside the physical and digital releases of No Man’s Sky on Switch, Hello Games launched a physical remastered edition of the PlayStation 5 on October 7. “It’s the first time [since] 2019 that you can buy a copy of No Man’s Sky in stores,” said Murray. “The box version boasted ‘Contains all seven major updates’. The fact that we’re just about to hit our 20th free update is a reminder of how busy we’ve been in the last three years!”.

No Man’s Sky’s latest update, which arrived in May, met the demands of another popular community by finally introducing space whales into the procedural universe as part of the game’s newest Expedition adventure. Hello Games hasn’t said whether it will give Switch owners a chance to experience Expeditions ahead of time when the game launches in October, but given how great some of their giveaways are, we can hope!

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