Ranji Trophy Final 2022 Highlights Mumbai vs Madhya Pradesh Day 2: MP reach 123/1 at stumps, trail by 251 runs

  • Jun 23, 2022 05:06 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy final LIVE score updates: Stumps on Day 2

    Tushar Deshpande struck right after Tea but Yash Dubey and Shubham Sharma showed great composure and has put Madhya Pradesh in a good position. The pair added 76 off 146 balls to guide MP to 123/1 at the close of play. MP are still trailing by 251 runs. 

    That’s all for today. 

  • Jun 23, 2022 04:51 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy LIVE updates: Bowling change

    The runs are flowing in as both Yash Dubey and Shubham Sharma are inching towards their respective half-centuries. Dubey is playing on 39 (112) and Sharma is batting on 37 (60). The duo have so far stitched 67 runs for the second wicket and this partnership has started to hurt Mumbai, who have now handed the ball to Tanush Kotian to provide them with the breakthrough. MP: 114/1 (37 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 04:38 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy final live score updates: Huge LBW appeal

    Tushar Deshpande bowls it slightly short and Yash Dubey doesn’t go for the shot. The ball angles in and hits Dubey on his knee-roll, which is followed by a huge LBW appeal by the bowler and the wicketkeeper. The umpire says no, and replay shows that the batter was playing on the backfoot, on his toes. So fair decision in the end. 

    Meanwhile, the pacer almost knocks him with a similar bowl. The batter doesn’t disturb it as the ball angles in and passes over the stumps to the wicketkeeper. MP: 105/1 (34 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 04:30 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy Finals LIVE score updates: 100 up for MP

    Yash Dubey and Shubham Sharma take MP’s total beyond the 100-run mark, as Mumbai desperately search for a breakthrough. 

    runs come from the over bowled by Shams Mulani. MP: 105/1 (33 overs), trail by 269 runs.  

  • Jun 23, 2022 04:21 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy finals LIVE score: 50-run partnership

    After playing two maiden overs, Yash Dubey opens his arms and plays a short and wide delivery by Mohit Avasthi for a four towards the square of the wicket. With this the duo also stitch a 50-plus partnership. MP: 98/1 (31 overs), trail by 276 runs

  • Jun 23, 2022 03:55 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy LIVE updates: Fine shot

    Mumbai bring Mohit Avasthi back into the attack and Yash Dubey welcomes him with a four. Dubey along with Shubham Sharma have so far added 43 runs together. MP: 90/1 (26.3 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 03:32 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy final LIVE score: Partnership building

    After the dismissal of Himanshu Mantri, a partnership is building between Yash Dubey and Shubham Sharma. The pair are keeping the scoreboard ticking as MP’s total reach to 71/1 after 21.3 overs.

  • Jun 23, 2022 03:19 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy final LIVE score: MP edge past 50 

    Shubham Sharma plays a brilliant drive against Tushar Deshpande and with that Madhya Pradesh edge past the 50-run mark. 

    Meanwhile, the wicket of Mantri has pumped up the Mumbai fielders as plenty of chirping, morale boosting can be heard. MP: 51/1 (19 overs)  

  • Jun 23, 2022 03:12 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy Final LIVE score updates: Tushar Deshpande strikes

    The play resumes and Tushar Deshpande provides Mumbai with the breakthrough right after Tea. The ball is pitched up and straight, knocking the pads of Himanshu Mantri. The batter departs after scoring 31(50). 

    Meanwhile, there’s another appeal for a caught behind against Shubham Sharma but umpire says not out. It was a short delivery, and must have brushed Sharma’s helmet on its way to the wicketkeeper. MP: 47/1 (17 overs) 

  • Jun 23, 2022 02:46 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy live score updates: Tea

    We are done with the second session on Day 2 as MP go into the interval with 43/0 on the board after 16 overs. Himanshu Mantri is batting on 31 (47), while his partner Yash Dubey is playing on 11 (49). They trail by another 331 runs.  

  • Jun 23, 2022 02:33 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy LIVE score: Back-to-Back 6s

    Himashu Mantri slams back-to-back sixes against spinner Shams Mulani as 13 runs come off the over. MP: 36/0 (14 overs). They are trailing by 338 runs.

  • Jun 23, 2022 02:22 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy LIVE score updates  

    Dhawal Kulkarni almost lands Yash Dubey in trouble with some sharp swing. The ball bounces wide of the off stick and swings sharply back on to the batter. However, Dubey somehow manages to evade the danger before taking off for a quick single, which could have also cost his wicket.

    The batter pauses for a while before taking off for the run and was forced to put in a desperate dive. TV replay shows despite the dive, the batter was short of his ground as the ball missed the stumps by inches. 

    Meanwhile, MP have reached 21/0 after 11 overs. 

  • Jun 23, 2022 02:04 PM IST

    MUM vs MP LIVE score update: MP openers frustrate Mumbai

    The approach by Madhya Pradesh openers has been sedate but it’s proving to be effective as Mumbai players are constantly nudging the umpire regarding the shape of the ball. 

    After nine overs, MP are batting on 18/0. Yash Dubey is batting on 6(31), while Himanshu Mantri is playing on 11 (23).

  • Jun 23, 2022 01:43 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy final LIVE score: Loud appeal

    Dhawal Kulkarni angles the ball towards left-handed Himanshu Mantri and it hits the thigh of the batter before it is collected brilliantly by the Mumbai wicketkeeper. He was sure that there was bat involved but a calm Virender Sharma remains unfazed. 

    Mantri then opens the face of his bat in the fifth ball of the over, which comes at a good height, slightly wide of the off stump. The batter playes it with soft hands as it races for a four behind the wicket. MP: 11/0 (5 overs) 

  • Jun 23, 2022 01:30 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy finals LIVE score updates: Himashu Mantri starts off in style 

    Himashu Mantri opens his account with a cracking four against Tushar Deshpande. MP bat 6/0 after two overs.

  • Jun 23, 2022 01:20 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy finals LIVE score updates: MP come out to bat

    The Madhya Pradesh batters are out in the middle with Yash Dubey and Himanshu Mantri leading the charge. Dhawal Kulkarni opens the attack for Mumbai. 

  • Jun 23, 2022 01:08 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy finals LIVE score: Mumbai all-out for 374

    Gaurav Yadav picks up the final movie wicket and it is Sarfaraz Khan, who mistimes his shot, which lands straight into the hands of Aditya Shrivastava. His magnificent knock comes to an end on 134 off 243 balls as Mumbai pile a stiff 374 on the board in their first innings. 

    Meanwhile, Gaurav Yadav, who went wicketless on Day 1, ends up the innings with four scalps.

  • Jun 23, 2022 01:05 PM IST

    Ranji trophy finals LIVE score updates

    Gaurav Yadav strikes as Tushar Deshpande, who tries to poke a delivery wide of the off stump and edges it to the wicketkeeper. He departs for 6(20). 

    Meanwhile, Sarfaraz Khan and Mohit Avasthi are dealing in boundaries as Mumbai race to 374/9 after 127.2 overs.

  • Jun 23, 2022 12:44 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy Final LIVE updates: Play resumes

    We are back from the Lunch break interval and Saransh Jain leads the attack for MP. Despite picking two wickets, he was not handed the ball in the first session of play. MUM: 352/8 (123 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 12:06 PM IST

    Ranji Trophy final LIVE score updates: Lunch

    We are done with the opening session on Day 2 and one name that hogged all the limelight is Sarfaraz Khan. The batter, who started from the overnight score of 40, is still going strong and is batting on 119 (224) as umpires call for Lunch. 

    The opening session saw Mumbai add 103 runs, while MP picked three wickets. Gaurav Yadav picked two, while Anubhav Agarwal picked one. 

  • Jun 23, 2022 11:59 AM IST

    MUM vs MP LIVE score updates: Mumbai reach 350

    Mumbai bring up their 350 as Sarfaraz Khan is still going strong in the middle. He is batting on 118 (218). MUM: 350/8 

  • Jun 23, 2022 11:56 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy final LIVE score updates: Madhya Pradesh finally opt for a 5th bowling option  

    After working with four bowlers throughout the opening day and almost throughout the opening session, Madhya Pradesh have finally opted for a fifth bowling option. Parth Sahani starts off with a one-run over. 

  • Jun 23, 2022 11:47 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy final LIVE updates: Batters switch gears

    The batters are now dealing in boundaries as 42 runs have been scored in the last 10 overs, with the fall of one wicket. MUM: 345/8 (118 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 11:27 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy final LIVE score: Sarfaraz Khan slams ton

    Sarfaraz Khan brings up his century in style as he smashes the ball over spinner Kumar Kartikeya’s head for a boundary. He reaches the milestone in 190 deliveries and celebrates the moment with animated celebration. MUM: 329/8 (114 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 11:24 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy Final LIVE updates:  Dhawal Kulkarni departs 

    Anubhav Singh starts off the over by bowling slightly short as Sarfaraz completes a double. The next ball hits him on his pads, which was followed by a loud LBW appeal, but the ball was drifting down the leg stump as the batters take a single in the form of leg byes. 

    Next delivery, Anubhav pitches it full and straight, with a hint of movement in the air. Dhawal Kulkarni opens the face of his bat but nicks it straight to the wicketkeeper, who takes a simple catch. He is dismissed on 1(36). 

    MUM: 320/8 (113 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 11:12 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy Final LIVE updates: Opportunity missed 

    Outside edge but the ball passes in between the wicketkeeper and the first slip. The ball by Anubhav Singh was drifting away from the stumps, as Sarfaraz Khan went for the drive. He gets an edge but lucky for the batter as it drops safely and races towards the boundary rope.

    Sarfaraz is playing in his 80s, how costly will it prove to be? 

    MUM: 309/7 (110.2 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 10:55 AM IST

    MUM vs MP LIVE score updates: Mumbai reach 300

    Mumbai have reached the 300-run mark with Sarfaraz Khan going strong in the middle. The batter is batting on 77 off 170 deliveries. MUM: 300/7 (106.1 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 10:47 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy final LIVE score updates: Collision in the middle

    Gaurav Yadav tries to pitch it short but surprisingly the lack of bounce allows Sarfaraz Khan to nudge the ball on the on-side, which races for a four. However, while the ball was travelling, there was a collision in the middle. 

    Both Sarfaraz and Yadav were looking at the ball and a charging Sarfaraz dashes into the bowler. He immediately goes down on the ground as physios run in. The umpires meanwhile call for drinks.

    After receiving some treatment, Sarfaraz is ready to go again. 

     MUM: 293/7 (103.1 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 10:41 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy finals LIVE score updates: The good work from Gaurav Yadav continues 

    The good work from Gaurav Yadav continues as he cleans up Tanush Kotian with a gem of a delivery. The ball knocks the off-stump after beating the batter as he departs for 15(39).

    Dhawal Kulkarni is the new batter in.

    MUM: 288/7 (103 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 10:23 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy LIVE score updates: Sarfaraz Khan slams 50

    Sarfaraz Khan slams 50, the batter reached the milestone in 152 deliveries.  He celebrates the moment by making gestures at the Mumbai dugout, possibly signaling that I’m present in the middle. MUM: 269/6 (99.3 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 10:14 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy LIVE score updates: Mumbai struggle to keep things moving

    A total of eight overs have been bowled in the morning session and Mumbai have managed just eight runs and have lost one wicket. 

    Eyes on Sarfaraz Khan, who Mumbai will count on to take them past the 300-run-mark. MUM: 258/6 (98 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 09:58 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy LIVE score: Maiden over

    Gaurav Yadav bowls a maiden over as Mumbai reach 255/6 after 95 overs.

  • Jun 23, 2022 09:49 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy LIVE score updates: 250 up for Mumbai

    Gaurav Yadav is making things dangerous for the Mumbai batters. After striking in his first over, he beats Sarfaraz Khan with an outswinging ball, which moves just past his outside edge. 

    The batter then tries to attack but doesn’t get the desired connection as the ball flies over the fielders and races towards the boundary in the third man region. 

    With this Mumbai open their account on Day 2 and also breach past the 250-run mark. MUM: 253/6 (93 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 09:42 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy finals LIVE score: Umpire has a word with the bowler

    Umpire Virender Sharma is not happy with Anubhav Agarwal as he is continuously running in the danger area in his follow-through. The umpire has a word with the pacer. 

    Meanwhile, it’s a maiden over as Mumbai are yet to add a run to their overnight total. MUM: 248/6 (92 overs)  

  • Jun 23, 2022 09:36 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy finals LIVE score: Brilliant start for MP on Day 2 

    Shams Mulani is trapped LBW by Gaurav Yadav as Mumbai lose their 6th wicket. The ball swings back into the left-hander and hits his front pads. The umpire pauses before raising his finger as the batter departs without adding a single run to the overnight score. He departs for 12 (45). MUM: 248/6 (90.2 overs)

  • Jun 23, 2022 09:30 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy finals LIVE updates: Play resumes

    The players are walking out in the middle to resume the action. Shams Mulani will be on strike and unlike Day 1, Gaurav Yadav will kick-off the proceedings on Day 2. Here we go! 

  • Jun 23, 2022 09:21 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy finals LIVE updates: What to expect in morning session

    Sarfaraz Khan is batting on 40 and Mumbai will hope that he bats through the entire morning session and help them breach the 300-run-mark. 

    Madhya Pradesh, on the other hand, will look to capitalise on the new ball and the overcast conditions and wrap things early. Anubhav Agarwal and Gaurav Yadav will be the key players for MP in the opening session. 

    Play to resume in less than 10 minutes.

  • Jun 23, 2022 09:08 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy finals LIVE updates: Yashasvi Jaiswal on missing a ton 

    Sharing his thoughts on his performance, which saw him miss fourth consecutive ton in Ranji Trophy by a mere 22 runs, Yashasvi Jaiswal after the close of play said: “Yes, I’m a bit sad about it, but this is cricket. You have to experience both the good and the bad (part), and that’s something I’ve learnt by now. 

    “Because in cricket, things won’t go how you want (things to go), but I’m trying my best to improve myself as a cricketer and as a human being.”  

  • Jun 23, 2022 08:59 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy LIVE score updates: A look at MP bowlers

    Among the MP bowlers, pacer Anubhav Agarwal and spinner Saransh Jain picked two wickets each. 

    Kumar Kartikeya, who has been an explosive figure in MP’s success this time around, managed one. 

    Gaurav Yadav, who is the second seamer, failed to get his name on the wicket list. However, the bowler came very close to it, when an angled delivery against Sarfaraz Khan hit his pads and despite a loud appeal, it was not given out by the umpire. The TV replay showed that the impact was on the line and could have possibly hit the top of the stumps. Following this incident, many cricket enthusiast took to Twitter demanding DRS to be introduced in the domestic competition as well.   

  • Jun 23, 2022 08:49 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy finals LIVE score updates: Top performer from Mumbai on Day 1

    Yashasvi Jaiswal was the top performer on Day 1 from the Mumbai camp. The opener scored 78(163) before getting out to pacer Anubhav Agarwal as he poked a ball wide of the off stumps, which flew straight to Yash Dubey at gully.  

  • Jun 23, 2022 08:39 AM IST

    Ranji Trophy finals LIVE updates: Hello and welcome!

    Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the Ranji Trophy finals between Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh. The opening day of the contest saw Mumbai dominate the proceedings in the morning session, but MP showed great recovery in the next. They will now look to build on the momentum. The action will start at 9:30 am, stay tuned for LIVE updates!

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