Sony exceeds the promised number of PlayStation Plus catalog games

Sony has now exceeded the number of games it promised to be available as part of its PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium catalog, having previously launched the service in other regions with far fewer titles than expected.

Fans have observed the service’s slow rollout over the past month through various countries around the world – until its final deployment in the UK and mainland Europe today.

Previously, Sony had promise PlayStation 4 and PS5 games “up to 400” will be available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tier subscribers – although the initial launch in Asia failed. Eurogamer’s list of available PS4 and PS5 games currently stands at 429, although Sony warns that not all of these will be available in all regions.

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Additionally, Sony has promised “up to 340” retro games, from the PS1, PS2 and PSP era, plus PS3 via cloud streaming. The list of available retro Eurogamer games currently stands at 404, again with the same caveats as above.

It’s worth noting this number is much lower in regions where PS3 game streaming isn’t available. Eurogamer’s list of available PS3 games totals 365 – the bulk of Sony’s current Classic Catalog offering.

In regions without cloud streaming, the Premium tier of the service is labeled Deluxe, and is available at a slightly lower price.

Confusingly, Sony doesn’t list all the games available through PlayStation Plus on its own website, and some can only (at this time) be found by searching using the service’s console storefront.

On the other hand, some games listed on Sony’s website do not appear in the service’s console store. And others, we can only find very specific searches – for example, “QBert” didn’t work for us, but “Bert” did.

Meanwhile, other games such as this morning’s PSP release with the title Super Stardust Portable are now visible, after previously only being found through direct search. It’s a messy situation, although Sony now seems to have enough games to hit the numbers it previously promised.

If you’re just catching up, Sony’s revamped PlayStation Plus service is now live, with pricing plans set at £11/month or £84 a year for Extra, and £13.50/month or £100 a year for Premium.

Or, you can stick with the previous service offering. It has been renamed PlayStation Plus Essential, and costs £7/month or £50/year.

For a complete rundown of all that it has to offer, the PlayStation Plus Eurogamer Premium and Extras guide has you covered.

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