Best Movies Coming to Paramount+ in July 2022

The start of the month is always great, especially if you can’t wait for your favorite streaming service to update its content and release a new TV show or movie. Plus, with summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to relax, sip your favorite beverage, indulge in a delicious snack, and catch a new show or movie. For the month of July, Most importantly+ has a row of interesting films to enjoy. From world premieres to old favourites, you’re sure to find a new favorite in its catalog. So sit back and relax and take a peek at some of the best movies coming to Paramount+ this July.

8 roar

Celebrate summer family style with this fun family-friendly animated film roar, an original Paramount+ that’s basically about staying true to yourself. In roar, monsters are a superstar phenomenon and monster wrestling has become a very popular sport. Winnie tries to follow in her father’s footsteps to train and manage the next successful monster wrestler. However, such a task is easier said than done, especially when the stakes are high. Along the way, Winnie discovers more about herself and learns how to pave her own way to success.


7 Shout 5

If you’re a fan of the popular, scary, funny Shout franchise, then you’re in luck because the latest installment of the slasher series is coming to Paramount+. Legacy sequels bring back everyone’s favorite characters for a fun horror satire about the nature of Legacy sequels themselves. So join Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), Dewey Riley (David Arquette), Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), and even the hallucination of the dead Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) as they face off against a new assassin in a Ghostface mask who targets teens in hopes of resurrecting a child. returns to the dark secrets of Woodsboro’s past. Shout 5 has everything you could want from the previous classics and even some new twists and turns.

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6 Flowers in the attic, petals in the wind, if there are thorns and seeds of yesterday

VC Andrews’ popular film series is coming to Paramount+ in its entirety. The four films are based on his Gothic novel series known as The Dollanganger Family Series and consist of Flowers in the attic, petals in the wind, if there are thorns, and Yesterday’s Seed. The series follows the story of the Dollanganger family: father Christopher, mother Corinne, 14-year-old Chris, 12-year-old Cathy, and quintuplets Carrie and Cory, and the secrets, lies, incest, and forbidden love that surround the family. You’ll be able to watch four films in quick succession when they all release on Paramount+ in July.

5 The Untouchable

The Untouchable is a 1987 crime drama starring Robert De Niro, Kevin Costner, and Sean Connery and following United States Federal Agent Eliot Ness as he goes on his mission to bring down ruthless Chicago gangster Al Capone during the Prohibition era. While David Mamet’s script takes a lot of historical liberties, it’s still slick, at times comedic, and loaded with plenty of talent from a leading cast that will keep you entertained until the credits roll. Catch The Untouchable upon release on Paramount+ in early July.

4 Beverly Hills Police 1, 2, and 3

Beverly Hills Police has the perfect mix of action and comedy, bringing you the best of both worlds this summer. Follow Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy), a street-smart Detroit cop who travels to Beverly Hills, California to investigate crimes and establish laws. The action sequences paired with Murphy’s inexhaustible charisma and comedic timing are the golden recipe for success that has kept audiences entertained for three films. Plus, rumors have it that there will be a fourth Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy confirmed to reprise his role as Axel Foley.

3 Mission Impossible 1, 2 and 3

Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to watch the first three Mission Impossible back and forth movies. As usual, if you are arrested or killed, the secretary will deny your actions. This article will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck.

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Our next entry is based on the thrilling action spy series from 1966 to 1973 and features action film star Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, a US government agent who has a knack for getting himself into dangerous situations, and then expelling himself. The films have all the action, excitement, and thrill of the beloved TV series (and many others) and feature a strong performance from A-list Cruise.

2 Girl, Taken

Girl, Taken is one of the premieres of Paramount+’s new film. This documentary follows the real-life story of Celeste and Morne Nurse, the happy parents of a new baby girl until she was stolen from the hospital just three days after her birth in Cape Town in April 1997. For years, the couple searched tirelessly to their baby, making countless media appearances and even hiring a private investigator, all attempts met with zero results.

However, all that changes when 17 years later, their second daughter Cassidy enrolls in a new school and meets an older student, Michele Solomon, who looks a lot like her. DNA confirms a match, and it seems Nurse is in for a fairy tale ending. Or are they? Will Miche want to leave her captor’s house, the family that raised and cared for her so lovingly? Find out in Girl, Taken, The incredible true story of two broken families trying to heal, forgive and forget their past.

1 Honorary Society

Probably the film that people love the most is the world premiere of Paramount+ Honorary Society, starring Angourie Rice (The mare from Easttown) and Gaten Matarazzo (Stranger Things). In this suspenseful and hilarious adult comedy, high school student Honor will do anything to get what he wants — admission to his only college choice, Harvard. He was a top contender, but first he had to defeat his three biggest competitors. A piece of cake, right? Until he fell in love with one of them. Will Honor throw away the wind and follow his heart? Or will he stay focused on the prize?

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