The Sandman’ Season 2: Everything We Know

After years of trying (and decades of passionate fan desire), Sand Man finally adapted for the small screen. Based on Neil Gaiman’s 75 volume DC Comics series, the fantasy saga depicts a world in which the Endless—personifications of human phenomena such as dreams, death, and desire—do their job and maintain balance in the world (while also clashing with each other and other non-humans).

Now the first season has reached no. No. 1 on Netflix, and millions of fans have watched Dream’s journey to rebuild its power after more than a century of imprisonment, we need details on when the next batch of episodes will hit streamers. Luckily, the show’s creative team (including Gaiman himself and showrunner Allan Heinberg) are already thinking about the possibilities Sandman television universe.

How will ‘The Sandman’ season 1 end?

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