‘The Crown’ interest spikes on Netflix after Queen Elizabeth II’s death

As Britain prepares to face huge crowds ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, many choose to honor her by watching her life story at home.

Interest in “The Crown”, Netflix Inc.


written accounts of the queen’s reign, began climbing as soon as her death was announced, before taking off further in the following days, according to third-party data from Parrot Analytics.

Parrot seeks to measure “demand” for the program, a metric defined as an off-view measure that takes into account data points such as video consumption and social media activity in figuring out how much buzz the event generates.

Global “demand” for “The Crown” was 22.8 times higher than the September 7 show average, according to Parrot data, the day before he died.

Demand rose 78.5% overnight from that point. As of September 8, “The Crown” took a place among the top 0.2% of shows globally.

Since then, interest in “The Crown” has continued to surge from there, with demand equivalent to 58.6 times the September 9 show average, up from 40.7 times on September 8.

The show was the 10th best-selling show across all platforms as of September 9, according to Parrot data.

The spike is especially pronounced in English

In the UK, “The Crown” became the fifth most in-demand program on September 9, up from 94 on September 7. Demand for “The Crown” skyrocketed 164% from September 7 to September 10.

A Netflix rep said in an email to MarketWatch last week that the company had nothing to share about how the queen’s death had affected viewers for “The Crown.” The company did not immediately respond to a more recent request for comment on audience trends or any indication of a surge in Parrot demand.

But Netflix puts out some of its own data on its most popular programs and says on its website that it is updated its top 10 list every Tuesdayso viewers can probably expect more details about “The Crown”‘s resurgence in popularity soon.

“The Crown,” which premiered in 2016, is a Netflix historical drama chronicling the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It was created and written by Peter Morgan. The series has won many awards, from Emmy awards to Golden Globes.

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Deadline reported last week that Netflix stop shooting upcoming episodes due to the queen’s death and updated its share to say the company would impose another postponement on the day of her funeral, scheduled for September 19.

The report further notes that Netflix “had long had plans” on how the company would handle the queen’s death if it happened while the show was still running.

“The Crown” isn’t the only program to halt some of its operations in honor of the royals: The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Meghan Markle’s “Archetypes” podcast will delay to release new episode during the queen’s mourning.

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