8 Exciting Reveals About Heartstopper Season 2 From Netflix’s Tudum Teaser

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Heartstopper book and TV series.Ahead of Netflix’s highly anticipated Tudum show, the streaming service has released an incredible 40 seconds clip teasing season 2 of their healthy hit series, heart stopper. The teaser took fans of the book and show by surprise, leading to a huge buzz on social media about the reveal and the incredible shot in the video.

heart stopper based on a series of graphic novels by Alice Oseman that explores the relationship between two high school boys. In the first season of the Netflix show, Nick and Charlie meet, have crushes, kiss, and become girlfriends, but there are many more novels yet to be explored. Profit, heart stopper has been updated to season 3, so there’s plenty of time to perfect the story.


8 Nima Taleghani as Mr. Farouk

Nima Taleghani is one of the cast who had the honor of meeting fans in the teaser clip. He will play Mr. Farouk, a teacher at Truham. Mr. Ajayi was a fan favorite character from season one, known for producing some of the best motivational quotes of the year, let alone on the show itself. In the book, Pak Ajayi sparks a romantic relationship with Pak Farouk.

Fans were upset when Farouk failed to appear in season 1, but there’s no need to worry anymore. If the relationship between these two teachers stays true to the novel, fans can expect a beautiful new romance full of sparks to unfold before them in season 2.

7 Jack Barton as David Nelson

The Netflix teaser has finally revealed the casting of David Nelson, Nick’s long-awaited older brother, who is in college. Jack Barton, known for playing Foldo at Letter to the Kingwill play the famous heart stopper character.

Fans have been simultaneously anticipating and fearing David’s arrival, as the book version of the character is highly homophobic. This causes stress for Nick and Charlie which is unpleasant to experience. With the casting of Jack Barton, comes a reminder to hate the characters, not the actors. If the character is easy to hate, the actor is just doing his job well.

6 Ben And Harry Will Be Back

It has been speculated whether the main antagonist of season 1 will return for season 2. Fans finally got their answer when Cormac Hyde-Corrin appeared in the teaser clip along with a sign indicating the return of Sebastian Croft.

heart stopper maybe one of the best LGBTQ-led shows, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be characters who have issues with people who are different from them. While Ben and Harry are bullies, their actors are the sweetest people. With their return, and the introduction of David Nelson, fans are hoping to see Harry and Ben grow as humans and change their ways. Whether this is the case or not, it’s great to have Cormac and Bash back.

5 Bradley Riches Returns As James

Bradley Riches credited as Student 3 in season 1 finale heart stopper. The Netflix teaser announced, however, that he’s returning to season 2 in an official and more prominent role.

James is at heart stopper books, though, as very minor characters. While in Paris, the students play Truth Or Dare. When it’s Charlie’s turn to play, he dares to kiss his classmate named James, who says he will. This led Nick and Charlie to come clean about their relationship, a beautiful and courageous moment for the couple. Since this scene, however, fans have been wondering about James and want to see more of him. Bradley’s casting announcement gives hope to the character, and as long as he doesn’t create a love triangle between Nick and Charlie, fans are here for it.

4 Season 2 Will Feature Paris Travel

Ever since season 1 released in April, fans have been speculating which storylines will feature in season 2, with the Paris trip topping almost everyone’s wish list.

“Hello!” that’s what Kit Connor said at the end of the teaser clip. The Paris journey in the book is very important to Nick and Charlie’s relationship and the story as a whole. Unfortunately for Kit, the character is supposed to be fluent in French. While fans had expected Paris to be a big part of this season, Kit’s “Bonjour” seems to strengthen it. With James and Mr. Farouk joins next season, no doubt Kit will speak the language when heart stopper return.

3 Leila Khan Starring as Sahar Zahid

In addition to supporting characters such as David and Mr. Farouk, the Netflix teaser also introduces fans to Leila Khan who will play Sahar Zahid, a smaller character from the books who travels Paris with her classmates.

As pre-production on season 2 began, Alice Oseman and the crew at Netflix had an open casting call for Sahar. It was the only role that was cast through open auditions (via Digital Spy). Because the character is small, not much is known about the role he will play, although casting calls described him as “bullshit, independent, a little cynical at times.” This sounds like cool and relatable character creation. Leila looks amazing in the teaser, so fans can’t wait to get to know her and her character.

2 Rugby Trio Will Be More Leading

There are some clear differences between heart stopper books and shows. While Nick appears to have no allies on the rugby team in the show, the books feature Christian, Otis, and Sai as proponents of his truth and relationship with Charlie.

These three characters were cast in season 1, and while neither of them spoke, they were often seen in the background looking uncomfortable as Harry rambled on. After sharing the teaser video, Alice confirmed in tweet that the Rugby trio will return, and perhaps in a more prominent way. The scenes from these guys in the book are fun to read, so fans are excited to see how they were used in season 2.

1 Season 2 Is In Production Now

Those who haven’t followed the cast’s social media, maybe they don’t know season 2 yet heart stopper have started filming. The teaser shows them practicing on set.

Filming began in mid-September and is set to finish in the fall. Fans are hoping for a release date around April 2023, a year after the first season took the world by storm. So much has just been revealed about season 2, but much is still unknown. Tobey Donovan who plays Isaac in the show will be in Tudum on September 24, and it is believed that he will bring more information about the upcoming season to share with fans.

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