Netflix has turned one of its cooking shows into a video game

Netflix hasn’t forgotten its gaming division

Part of the appeal of Netflix Games is its exclusive titles. Already at launch, the service comes with two original games foreign things. However, the service also includes other games that are present on other competing platforms, such as Asphalt Xtreme.

To date, Netflix Games has several RPG and Puzzle games, all of which are simple and well-designed enough to play comfortably on mobile devices. For the whole catalog now added game of Succeed!, A very casual title that will please everyone who has seen the cake contest.

The cake show deserves its own mobile game

If you don’t know him, Succeed! (in Spanish it has been translated as Nickel!) is one of the most successful reality shows Netflix has produced to date. This is a MasterChef style contest where three contestants face off against each other doing tart. The judges gave a theme, and the contestants had to pour their imaginations into creating original cakes that were creative and different from the others.

Succeed! Already have many editions. The United States version has six seasons, while the Mexican edition has a third season. Nickel! It’s a success, so it’s no surprise that Netflix wants to dedicate its own video games to it.

The game arrived just before the premiere of the following season, Success: Halloweenwhich is expected to be released in October.

It’s Nailed! Baking Bashu

Video games from Nailed It! drinking a lot of myths Cooking Moma cooking title born in 2006 for the Nintendo DS and which invites us to create dishes step by step with the swipe of a stylus.

With its three-dimensional design and eye-catching graphics, this Netflix exclusive title will turn you into an authentic pastry chef. This game will guide us step by step to make giant and original cake. The goal is to convince the judges that our work is the best of the three.

And if that’s not enough, Succeed! Baking Bashu will allow us share our creations on social networks. A very smart move, because the title gives us the freedom to work on our imagination. Therefore, each user who plays will get different results.

If you want to play this title, you can simply go to Netflix’s ‘games’ tab of your mobile app and search for the game. Then, the platform will allow you to download the game through your terminal’s app store.

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