Netflix Series Returns With More Phishing Scam Tricks to Scare You

Netflix releases one of the most awaited series Jamtara Season 2, today. This crime drama stars Amit Shial, Sparsh Shrivastav, Anshumaan Pushkar, Monika Panwar, Aksha Pardasany, Seema Pahwa and Ravi Chahar. Written by Soumendra Padhi, the series is written by Trishant Srivastava. Produced by Ajit Andhare and Tipping Point of Viacom18 Studios, the second season has 8 episodes with a duration of 45-50 minutes.

The synopsis reads, “Be careful! A new scam is underway. With new cons and bigger tricks, the Jamtara boys are back again”.

Netflix India Jamtara Season 2 Review Does Not Contain Spoiler

After the exciting season 1, Jamtara Season 2 brought more realism, political drama, and fraudulent methods. With elections on the way, evil politician Brajesh Bhaan (Amit Shit) finds a worthy opponent in Ganga Devi (Seema Pahwa). Ganga Devi is a smart and selfish woman who knows how to make things go her way. He makes Gudiya stand for election from his side.

While Gudiya faces a political battle, the scamming game is getting stronger. With new tricks, people, and political pressure, season two is filled with uncertainty, betrayal, and death.

As promised in the trailer, Jamtara Season 2 it does show us the different ways boys and girls use to cheat people and take money. We also saw Jamtara school students being trained to carry out phishing scams like summer camps. With advanced technology, methods have also become more advanced and, unfortunately, more convincing to innocent people to be deceived.

Director Soumendra Padhi has exerted political influence on such scams. He shows us that this scam has big players and can be used to trick individuals belonging to the same league. Unfortunately, people from Jamtara only pawns to be sacrificed when the time came.

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Jamtara Season 2 Still 1

Brajesh Bhaan has always been a vile person, and Amit Damn only gets better with his looks. He is so good at making us dislike Brajesh in every episode. With the addition of Seema Pahwa as Ganga Devi, who is equally corrupt, it’s hard to choose who I hate more. Both actors have done a brilliant job.

The new season also focuses on how personal bonds strengthen and face various challenges due to the politics involved. Obstacles in the way of Sunny, Gudiya and Rocky are not only police but also powerful people. It’s really interesting to see how they pull off a huge scam in episodes 7 and 8 that freaks me out the most.

Actors Sparsh Shrivastav, Monika Panwar and Anshumaan Pushkar are as promising as they were in season 1, with their characters undergoing great development. The series has a new addition with actor Ravi Chahar who has done a brilliant job blending into a series where old characters are already having a big impact.

Jamtara Season 2 Still 2

Jamtara Review 2: Final Thoughts

Whole, Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega Season 2 interesting and entertaining. Various scamming tactics will scare you while making you aware of how things work. The show is good, the plot gets darker, makes this series interesting and worth overwatching.

Watch the show on Netflix.

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