Change These Netflix Settings Now to Improve Your Account Security

You use a PIN number to help keep your bank account secure, but you may not know that your Netflix account can offer the same protection for your privacy. You have to stay update your password regularly, preferably with the help of a password managerbut with more and more streamers serious about sharing passwordsextra layer security against freeloaders never sick.

While some streaming service Like upstream and Apple TV Plus have two-factor authentication, which pairs your password with a code sent via text message or authentication app, Netflix doesn’t. But streamers started offering profile PIN protection in 2020 as part of the parental supervisionand it’s a good idea to use it as an added layer of protection and personalization — whether you have kids or not.

Why do you have to enter a PIN in it?

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Enabling a Netflix profile PIN will help keep your kids, roommates, and parents from tampering with your recommendations, watchlist, or watch history.

Have you ever opened an app to find tons of clogging kindergarten shows? Continue Watching line? Or maybe you’re caught off guard by all the new recommendations that suddenly pop up in your queue “because you watched The Great British Baking Show,” which you never actually did, but your mom ate. Add PIN and block outside interference from hackers, loved ones or anyone with whom you have shared the coveted Netflix password. And while your 13-year-old might not like being secretly banned from watching Bojack Horseman, a PIN code is one parental control feature that can give you peace of mind.

Another advantage of PIN? For those who provide Netflix access as owners Airbnb or other vacation rental property, lock your profile can redirect visitors to the profile of a designated guest. Since you can control whether additional profiles can be added to your account with a PIN, those guests may also not want to try to mess with your Netflix settings.

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How to add a PIN to your Netflix profile

Netflix allows you to add PINs to individual profiles on your account, but that must be done through a web browser rather than an app on your TV, game console, or phone. Once you are logged into your account, navigate to Account Settings. Scroll down to Profile & Parental Controls your profile section. As an account holder, your profile must be at the top. Navigate to Profile Lock where you will see the word “off” if the PIN is not enabled. Click “Change.”

You will be asked to type in your account password before going to the Profile Lock screen. Check the box that says require a PIN to access your profile. Create a four-digit code and click Keep. Now, when you use the Netflix app, you will be asked to enter a code to stream or download content. As an account holder, you can also set it up where users have to enter a PIN to add more profiles. If you’re the only person who knows the code, you’re the only one who can create additional profiles.

Four cubes on Netflix profile lock screen

Choose your four-digit code carefully.

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It’s worth noting that anyone who knows your Netflix account password can change the PIN requirements on the main account profile, as well as other profiles. With that in mind, you can update your password to share with a trusted adult or choose to set a PIN on everyone’s behalf without providing a password. The latter is ideal if all viewers live in one household.

Certain devices will not ask for a PIN

Once you’ve saved your PIN settings and your information is updated, you’ll be prompted to enter your PIN code every time you open the app and tap a PIN-protected profile. However, you may find that some devices don’t ask for it. Although this can happen when you click on a locked profile, according to Netflix help pageThe PIN will still be required to watch movies or TV series in that profile.

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