Hilary Swank is in the story on ‘Alaska Daily’

Hilary Swank reports on an assignment to return to the television series.

After limited runtime in the Netflix space saga “Away” and the true FX drama “Trust” in recent years, the two-time Oscar winner (for “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Million Dollar Baby”) committed to a longer stay as a journalist. who tried to save his career by moving from New York to Anchorage as ABC’s “Alaska Daily” premiered Thursday.

Also featuring Jeff Perry (“Scandal”) and Matt Malloy (“I Love That for You”), the show was created by executive producer Tom McCarthy, Oscar recipient for co-writing another newspaper drama: “Spotlight,” which won the Academy Award. for the best film of 2015.

“It’s an interesting medium to work with when you’re used to working in film, where you have a lot of pre-made adjustments,” said friendly Swank, whose early TV history included the “Beverly Hills, 90210″ assignment. He notes that these days, “I like doing half-length projects more than I thought I would. I’ve found that for me, TV is almost claustrophobic because you’re playing a character for so long, but you also have the opportunity to play a gradation of what your character is experiencing. And it’s a good challenge.”

Hilary Swank starred in "Alaska Daily," premieres Thursday on ABC.
Hilary Swank stars in “Alaska Daily,” premieres Thursday on ABC.

Swank described her new character Eileen Fitzgerald, who enters the Alaska scene tackling cold cases, as “very detailed. For her, being a journalist is about finding the truth and revealing it to people to find out for themselves. I think that’s something she really wants to be.” people today in general, not opinion, but just getting back to good journalism where you try to work it out. That’s the only goal (Eileen) and she loves it.”

McCarthy was “a draw for me to step into this,” Swank said…not only because of “Spotlight,” but also his previous film “The Station Agent,” which he said “spooked me. He brought a nice levity to his work, and I think this type of material really shows that.”

Although “Alaska Daily” is mostly being filmed in British Columbia — like Swank in Alaska’s 2002 film “Insomnia” — he reports that one episode takes him and his colleagues deep into Alaska itself.

“We actually got to explore some of the Great North, which was really awesome,” he enthusiastically said. “The funny thing is my husband is only 50 years old, and he’s on his wish list to go to Alaska, so we went to an area so remote with no phone service that you had to take a seaplane to the middle of nowhere to get there. . I call it my prep work for the series.”

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