How to Win Netflix Circles

Netflix has taken the reality-show kick, and viewers have loved the streaming giant’s original series. There is no shortage of party competition series, but one of the most successful to date is Circle. It is a popularity game where contestants test their social media skills to win money in the end.

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There are many interesting twists in it Circle to catch players off guard, and cause their departure. However, what really keeps players in the game is their connection. So let’s talk about last season Circle, which approach seems to work best, and what can we learn from the premise of this Netflix reality show.

How Do You Play The Circle from Netflix?

Circle Home Screen

Circle is a social media competition where your ranking among other things determines your future stay there. Upon entering, you are in an isolated apartment with sound-recognized screens all around the house. You can choose to log in as yourself, or as a catfish, using a different identity.

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Every season there are many catfish that come for various reasons. Some men who log in as women claim it’s because women are more trustworthy and can make deeper connections faster. However, some women who come as men believe that playing flirting angles will be their savior. There are also some players who choose to go as everyone else because they don’t believe they can be likable enough to win. That sheds light on some of the deeper problems social media causes.

The goal of the game is to form meaningful relationships. Whether it’s a strategic or true friendship is up to the player. But connections are your ticket to the finals. There is a rank that determines your status moving forward, until the next one. The two highest-ranking players then become influencers, and ultimately decide who will go home. These rankings can be correctly resolved in terms of who you like and dislike the most, but they can also be used as sabotage.

The purpose of Circle is to be liked, an ode to the sad truths of social media in our real lives. But the question remains as to which strategies have worked best in the past. Let’s take a look at the winners, and what they’ve done to secure their win — and the money.

Circle Winner

The Circle Season 1 Finalists Shoot

Season 1 is arguably still the best, because players don’t know what the game will be like, and what strategies are available. Joey Sasso was in the first group of players, and he was the last man standing. He walked into the final with just one catfish and four other individuals also playing as themselves. Sasso’s strategy from the start was to have none at all, and it worked out for him very well. It can be argued that he is the most well-received player Circle so far. His unwavering loyalty to his connections was admirable and that was ultimately what led to his victory.

The Season 2 winner is Deleesa St. Agathe, who catches fish as her husband Trevor. Unlike the previous season, St. Agathe was not the only catfish in the finals, but rather one of the three. This season features Chloe Veitch, previously on Netflix Too Hot To Handle. He was a fan favorite on both shows. However, St. Agathe was well deserved, for few would have guessed she wasn’t what she said she was. He had a fake relationship with Veitch throughout their journey Circle, obviously taking the tempting route.

Although he may have strategic means to achieve his goals, St. Agathe still finds lasting friendships. His win proves that not everyone as they say is online, and it’s up to us to decipher whether what we saw was real. Again, it brings up a more dangerous side of social media that we sometimes don’t remember.

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Season three, to be honest, feels like a fever dream. There were more unexpected surprises to keep viewers on their toes, including a player who had two profiles at one point. The final included two catfish, but James Andre Jefferson Jr. chooses to play as himself, and take the money home. He came to Circle thinks with his head, but he acts with guidance from his heart. That was what allowed him to rank up so quickly. Jefferson was one of his later entries, but still managed to make enough connections to sustain him through his brief visit.

Season 4 was released this year, in May 2022. The ending was interesting, as the only catfish present was Trevor St. Agathe. This name may ring a bell, because his wife, Deleesa St. Agathe, won Season 2 using her identity. St Agathe joins the game at a later stage, and enters as a friend of his wife, Imani. This season’s winner, Frank Grimsley, is no surprise. He came to Circle with every intention of being who he really is, and that’s what drives him to the end. She is well-liked for being open, transparent and supportive. It was his ability to forge friendships that gave him the edge.

What We Can Learn from Netflix’s The Circle

Season 2 Circle Finals

After dissecting the Netflix winner Circle, it is safe to say that, in general, friendship rather than strategy seems to prevail. It’s clear that people can sense authenticity, even through screens – for the most part, that’s how it is. The show may be a popularity game, but there are underlying themes that sound real in our real-life social media experiences.

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Much of what we see online is not what we think it is. Friendships are exaggerated, faces and bodies are changed, and the lives depicted are intentionally edited to be unrealistic. While we would like to believe that everyone we meet online is genuine, that’s not the case. Social media can be dangerous because it can cause insecurity about our own lives and appearance. It can be even more dangerous when we think about real catfish, and how they sometimes target naive and vulnerable individuals. They earn trust, as we see in Circle. However, unlike on Netflix shows, we can’t perform background checks and screen for predators in real life. This is an ongoing problem that parents continue to face with their children.

Overall, Netflix Circle entertaining, and has shown that true friendships can be formed anywhere, even online. But it also brings our attention to how easy it is to take another person’s form, and infiltrate someone’s circle. This event is a lesson to use social media properly. Make connections, but also be vigilant in our online endeavors. Lastly, it teaches that being who we really are on social media is far more effective and fulfilling than pretending to be someone we aren’t.


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