The 10 Most Disgraceful Characters in Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots

After their third consecutive Outstanding Short Form Programming win at the 74th Primetime Emmy, Love, Death & Robots now tied to robot chicken for the most categorical wins. Netflix animated anthology series have episodes that fit the theme of the title, although there are episodes where one or all of the themes are excluded.

And many of the storylines exude many methods of animation, Love, Death & Robots has introduced interesting characters with nuanced details. Some characters have been lucky enough to make recurring appearances, but the despicable actions of other characters have resulted in one-off roles.


10/10 Werewolves

“Shape Changer,” Volume 1 E1

The concept of shapeshifting, which metamorphoses into other life forms, looks attractive on the surface. However, there are instances where it is used for terrible reasons, as seen in Volume I’s “Shape-Shifters”.

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Two shape-shifting Taliban soldiers struggle to live in a world where their werewolf forms are heavily despised by humanity. Their retaliation led them to slaughter an entire convoy of US Marines to avoid capture. Wolves are driven by their need to survive those who are about to be imprisoned or executed, but their killing behavior is despicable and self-serving.

9/10 Greta

“Beyond the Aquila Rift”, Volume I E7

Volume I “Beyond The Aquila Rift” will introduce Greta, one of the Love, Death & Robots‘ the scariest creature. Former flames of the episode’s protagonist Thom, they reconcile when his spaceship arrives at Saumlaki Station. Unfortunately for Thom, this will be a deadly reunion.

Through subtle clues before the big reveal, Greta is actually an alien/arachnid hybrid. He manipulates Thom through simulations to prevent him from knowing the truth about the spaceship and its crew. Greta is not the most despicable character in LD&R universe, but she tricked the man who loved her into perpetuating a lie.

8/10 line

“Snow in the Desert,” Volume II E4

The position of a leader is not always guaranteed to be filled with a good attitude. This is especially true for Baris, the mercenary leader and antagonist from “Snow in the Desert” Volume II. Baris and his crew of mercenaries are searching for an albino man named Snow, who is believed to be immortal.

In his relentless pursuit of Snow, Baris is utterly apathetic to his prey, with his thugs following his example of cruelty and violence. His evil nature has freed Baris from any morality, killing anyone who got in his way.

7/10 Chthulu

“In the Entombed Vaulted Halls,” Volume III E8

“In the Buried Precious Hall” is Love, Death & robots‘ scariest episode, plunge into the horror genre. All but two members of the hostage rescue team are killed by a giant spider-like creature upon arrival on a mission. When Coulthard and Harper found the great eldritch god Cthulhu at the center of the attack, neither of them made it out alive.

Cthulhu is reprehensible for using brainwashing and manipulation mechanisms to control those around him. His actions even had others mutilate themselves just to evade his terrifying orders.

6/10 Dracula

“Soul Sucker,” Volume I E5

Love, Death & Robots included the legendary vampire Dracula in Volume I episode “Soul Suckers.” The demon vampire lives in a cave and constantly uses terrible means to quench his thirst for blood.

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By eating humans, Dracula evolves into a monstrous and monstrous form. His only concern is himself and survival, to find more bodies to fill his most powerful avatar. In a funny twist, Dracula’s weakness is the cat, which greatly helps the episode’s protagonist to escape the sharp clutches of vampires.

5/10 “Ugly” Dave Dvorchek

“The Dump,” Volume I E9

Volume I of “The Dump” presents an unusual storyline revolving around an old man who lives in a garbage dump. “Ugly” Dave Dvorchek could easily give Carl Fredrickson from 2009 To the top chasing his money with his stubborn attitude. When a city health inspector tries to uproot Dave from his home in a landfill, very disturbing results emerge.

A creature of severe habit, Dave doesn’t care about the consequences of his despicable actions. Dave encourages his pet monster Otto to eat the health inspector, implying that Otto has done the same to anyone who bothered Dave.

4/10 Dicko

“Sonnie’s Edge,” Volume I E1

Appeared in the series debut and one of them LD&R’In his best episode, “Sonnie’s Edge,” Dicko is a ruthless man who isn’t good at dealing with intimidation or losing power. Running an underground organization for monster fights, Dicko offers honorable fighter Sonnie a large sum of money to hold upcoming matches. His refusal and then his monster defeat made the businessman furious.

What makes Dicko despicable is the long journey he will take to win, even getting others to use the methods of seduction and murder. Luckily, he gets his dessert at the end of the episode.

3/10 Captain Torrin

Bad Trip,” Volume III E2

Despite being one Love, Death & Robots’ the brightest character, Torrin is not entirely the protagonist. Similar to Greta, her bike could be considered antiheroic, but the archetype doesn’t condone her pathetic actions in Volume III episode “Bad Traveling.”

When a voyage sets out against a giant crustacean known as a “thanapod”, the group chooses to sacrifice an island’s habitat to save themselves from the beast. Torrin may be looking for the islanders by killing the crew, but he’s basically committing mass murder to save his own skin.

2/10 Governor

“Happy Hunting,” Volume I E8

Volume I of “Good Hunting” will see the episode Love, Death & Robots which is both horrific and traumatic. The governor of Hong Kong is a narcissistic and lustful being who goes to evil ways to satisfy his sexual desires.

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The governor targets Yan, the human/Fox Huli jing hybrid, to be the object of his desire. He manipulated and drugged Yan before he turned into a sexual android. Unfortunately for the Governor, his tortured captives would eventually become masters by ruthlessly killing him.

1/10 Detective Briggs

“Pop Squad,” Volume II E3

Disgraceful behavior and motives can afflict any human being, regardless of their position in life. Some inherit while others learn, but for those who are reprehensible to know right from wrong it is very disappointing. “Pop Squad” Volume II will see this with Detective Briggs.

Briggs so far Love, Death & Robots’ most despicable character, mainly because of the episode’s dystopian society rules. To avoid overpopulation, Briggs kills fertile women and their innocent children. Before he died, Briggs saw his mistake, but it was obviously too late.

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