The Horror Movie That Terrorized In Hollywood And Was Suspended In The United States

Today ranked fourth in Most watched Argentinian movies on NetflixBut suspended in the United States, after its premiere in 2020.This horror film that created a rift among Hollywood actors was a huge success in many countries such as England and Spain.

Prey ,Prey, Produced by Universal Studios, released in the United States on March 13, 2020. The launch was scheduled for September 2019, but it was postponed, because mass shootings in Texas and Ohio occurred recently and its arrival on the big screen was postponed. This was first seen in Argentina on April 23.

Netflix defines it a “dark horror satire”A group of wealthy merchants, “elite liberals”, loyal Hunting “For Sport” Ordinary And Innocent CitizensBut one of the potential victims will change the rules of the game and turn predators into prey.

‘The Hunt’ ranks fourth among the most watched films in Argentina.

Emma Roberts, Justin Hartley, Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank, Ike Barinholtz and Wayne DuvallAmong other things, there are actors who star in this horror and constant suspense film, who directed by Craig ZobelAnnouncement of premiere resulting in a “rift” between various Hollywood actorsWhich confronts those who believe it should hit theaters and who choose not to show it.

Even the President of the United States at that time, Donald Trumpusing his official Twitter account (now permanently suspended from Jan 2021 “incitement to violence”) to criticize the film, though without mentioning it directly. “In Hollywood, liberals are racist at the highest level. And with great anger and hatred, they like to call themselves elite, but they really aren’t. In fact, it was often the people they were fighting against who were truly elite. This film is made to enhance and create chaos. They create their own violence and then try to blame othersThey are completely racist and very dangerous for our country,” the head of state wrote at the time.

files, archives-. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are competing for the presidency of the United States.AFP

According to a magazine article Time, At that time, is one of the origins of controversy The use of the word “tragic” to refer to the victim of a victimThe same term he uses as a nickname for his rival Trump voters Hillary ClintonOn His 2016 Campaign: “They Have Half Of The Trump Supporters They Can Put On” I call the basket of sorrow,

Also, The film was suspended at the time for “attacking the country’s image”.Because it happened after a short time Mass Shooting in El Paso, Texas On 3 August 2019, in which 23 people died- and Dayton, Ohio -A day later, in which 10 people including the author were killed, and 27 others injured-.

Bloody scenes and violent killings propelled it into 2019, but today it was a success on streaming platforms. flow In countries like Argentina, England or Spain.

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