Johns Hopkins researchers have developed a method that predicts sudden cardiac death

According to the findings, people with low levels of ATP in the heart were three times more likely to suffer sudden cardiac death. An unusual cardiac metabolism could be a predictor of possible sudden cardiac death. According to a small but comprehensive study led by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine, adults with abnormal heart metabolism … Read more

Travel smart with our pick of the niftiest new personal tech

Go ahead, pamper yourself with our selection of the niftiest new personal tech. By Vaibhav Sharma New essential personal technology HEADPHONESSonyWH-1000XM5 Are these the best noise canceling headphones out there? Many would say that. The most recent iteration of sony The flagship line ups the tech overload: dual processors and eight microphones for more precise … Read more

Asus ZenGimbal review: Stuck in the past

(Pocket-lint) – When smartphone gimbals first appeared they were a bit of a game changer for mobile filmmakers, and we’ve seen a lot of developments in the technology since then. With its ZenGimbal stabilizer, Asus is looking to get in on that action. But, with built-in image stabilization getting better with each generation of smartphones, … Read more