Netflix Stocks: Bears vs. Bull

Netflix‘s (NFLX -1.78%) stock prices are down about 60% this year and erase nearly four years of gains. The bulls fled as the video streaming giant’s subscriber growth stalled and its operating margins declined. Challenging comparisons with pandemic-era growth, intense competition and rising interest rates further exacerbated the sell-off. But after that painful loss, Netflix … Read more

2.2 Billion Reasons to Buy Netflix Stocks

There are two prevailing opinions about future ad-supported versions of Netflix‘s (NFLX -1.78%) streaming service. Some investors support the possibility of reigniting customer growth, while others worry that ad-supported options are tarnishing brands. However, very few observers have a clear idea of ​​what to expect once this tier is launched later this year. However, the … Read more

How to Win Netflix Circles

Netflix has taken the reality-show kick, and viewers have loved the streaming giant’s original series. There is no shortage of party competition series, but one of the most successful to date is Circle. It is a popularity game where contestants test their social media skills to win money in the end. RELATED: How True is … Read more

‘I was treated horribly’: Netflix Show Crew Member Jeffrey Dahmer Reveals Horrible Condition, Called Different Names For Being a Black Woman

Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series titled Monsters: Jeffrey Dahmer’s Story has been a topic of conversation lately mainly because of its distracting graphic content. The show covers the story of Jeffrey Dahmer (Evan Peters), who is a convicted serial killer. The show’s production assistant called it “one of the worst showsHe has worked as a person … Read more

Plot, Cast, Release Date and Everything else We Know

The “found family” theme isn’t always new — over the past few years, the found family has become the glue that holds the franchise together. For example, take a character from Netflix Stranger Things and the many pseudo-adoption relationships that make up the group. For others, take Avatar: The Last Airbender and the multi-generational, multi-national … Read more

Perth to host Netflix speed cubing star Feliks Zemdegs at the national event

Silence spread through the auditorium, only broken by the loud clatter of plastic Rubik’s Cubes, as the “speed cubing” champions put their skills to the test. While it may not be the most flashy spectator sport, the elite players attract thousands of followers on social media and the concentration is evident as Australia’s best athletes … Read more

Sofia Carson is back with Netflix following the success of Purple Hearts

Slaven VlasicGetty Images Sofia Carson has rejoined Netflix following the huge success of romantic films purple heart. Based on Deadlinesromantic drama star has been cast in a new thriller from Netflix and Amblin titled Carry on. Carson will be joining King‘s Taron Egerton as well as fellow Netflix star Danielle Deadwyler, who previously starred in … Read more