US inflation data likely to be sore tooth for Bitcoin, volatile days seen ahead

There has been a frequent co-relation between Bitcoin and equities since the bearish saga emerged in May globally and continued to wipe investors wealth significantly. The multidecadal high inflation is the major factor for sparking sharp selloffs in market instruments. Cryptocurrencies also could not escape the uncertainties in macroeconomics and erased the $1 trillion mark. … Read more

Crypto weekly highlight: Bitcoin drops below $19k, Ether, Solana, Cardano, XRP worst hit

The volatility in crypto markets does not seem to cool down as Bitcoin even erased its $19,000 mark. The leader of the board, BTC along with other major cryptos like Ethereum, BNB, Solana, Cardano, XRP, and Dogecoin witnessed a massive drop between 9-20% in the last seven days session pulling the global crypto market cap … Read more

TMSEp197: WTO report card, Ashish Khanna, Crypto markets, RBI’s MPC

Was WTO meet success for India? What does Ashish Khanna of Tata Power say about our renewable energy target? Will the crypto carnage continue? How does MPC function & what’s its mandate? Answers here Topics WTO India | Tata Power | cryptocurrencies Team TMS  |  New Delhi  Last Updated at June 20, 2022 08:00 IST … Read more

Crypto markets down nearly 70% from peaks: Will the carnage continue?

The meltdown across global equity markets is casting a spillover effect on the crypto markets as well. With the global central bankers turning hawkish to abate inflationary pressures, lack of liquidity is resulting in fund vacuum in the crypto sphere too. Reduced risk appetite, coupled with … Read more

Crypto’s excruciating week has traders bracing for the next crisis

It was one of the most dramatic weeks in the short history of the cryptocurrency market, bookended by the type of announcements investors fear the most from a counterparty: We’re sorry, but we just can’t return your money right now. In between, a nascent technocratic industry with grand ambitions … Read more

5 crypto marketing agencies in 2022

Marketing in the cyber finance world is a unique type of advertising. So many factors influence the blockchain industry, from market volatility and innovation to community feedback. All of those factors pose a challenge that a good crypto marketing agency needs to overcome to produce an effective crypto marketing strategy. Crypto projects crave good marketing, … Read more

Explained: Why is the crypto market crashing?

The sell-off in the crypto market continued Tuesday with Bitcoin and Ether falling to new 18-month lows. Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency, while Ether is the number two token. But not just the top two, all major cryptocurrencies have been trading in the red lately, with the fall testing even long-term investors. What has … Read more