Bitcoin Will Lead Us To A More Virtuous World – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Phil Snyder, video director and editor and a contributor for Bitcoin Magazine. Conventional wisdom among Bitcoiners is that bitcoin will one day assume the throne of worldwide value asset supremacy — whether by force as a juggernaut, by default because of universal fiat failure or somehow in-between is yet … Read more

Tips For Surviving The Bitcoin Bear Market – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Boomer, a long-time and active member of the financial independence/retire early (FIRE) movement. Deep down, we all knew this was going to happen. Bear markets suck, and they’re especially bad if it’s your first. Every bear market is different and there will always be people out there that will … Read more

Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg play vampire hunters in ‘Day Shift,’ premiering Friday on Netflix | Streaming | orlando

Everything is new on Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Peacock. Premiere Wednesday: Bank Robber: Last Big Robbery — This week’s major crime dossier tells the story of a group of thieves who stole millions from a Buenos Aires bank and fled, bypassing the 200 police officers gathered outside. The key to … Read more

The Path To The Parallel Bitcoin Economy – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by John G. Dew, co-host of The Millennial Media Offensive podcast and a contributor for Bitcoin Magazine. Texas Slim’s second Beef Initiative conference was recently held in Crawford, Colorado, on Jason Wrich’s Fruitland Mesa property. The convergence of movements toward local food supply and bitcoin utilization created a palpable air … Read more

Building Bitcoin Village In Nigeria – Bitcoin Magazine

Nigeria is a unique country in West Africa, geographically situated between the Sahel to the north and the Gulf of Guinea to the south in the Atlantic Ocean. Inflation is currently over 18%, and money debasement is sometimes a daily occurrence. If you’ve never had a backpack full of useless naira, you wouldn’t understand. In … Read more

Barack, Michelle Obama Introduce Clotilda Doc ‘Descendant’

(L) Questlove, Floyd Rance, Stephanie T. Rance, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Margaret Brown attend the premiere of Netflix’s Descendant during the Martha Vineyard African-American Film Festival at the MV Performing Arts Center on August 05, 2022 in Edgartown, Massachusetts. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Netflix)Photo: Arturo Holmes (Getty Images) It Martha’s Vineyard African-American … Read more

I’m Groot, Locke & Key, Resident Alien

I’m Groot; Darby Stanchfield at Lock & Lock; Alan Tudyk in Alien ResidentPhoto: Marvel Studios; Amanda Matlovich/Netflix; Syfy Welcome to What’s On, the weekly must-see. Here’s what you need to watch from Sunday, August 7 to Thursday, August 11. All time is East. [Note: The weekend edition of What’s On drops on Fridays.] The important … Read more

Bitcoin Users Are Building The Future – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Captain Sidd, finance writer and contributor to Bitcoin Magazine. “When deeds speak, words are nothing.” — African proverb Grokking Bitcoin’s potential impact on the world often starts with diving into the enormity of the problem with fiat currency. The vast moral hazards and twisted incentives inherent in any centrally … Read more

China Planners Can’t Handle Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Andrew A, a Bitcoin educator and contributor to Bitcoin Magazine Much like the tragic figures of Greek mythology, China has a long and storied history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Its ruling class, in particular, has always had an insatiable appetite for self-flagellation. Banning bitcoin is … Read more

What Happens To My Bitcoin When I Die – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Prasad Prabhakaran, COO and cofounder of HexaWallet. Over time, an estimated 4 million bitcoin have been lost and are now in inaccessible wallets. It is unknown how many of those coins belonged to HODLers who died without sharing access to their wallets with anyone else. If you manage your … Read more