Netflix Adds Critically Acclaimed Sci-Fi Game in July

Netflix will officially add the critically acclaimed 2018 video game into transgression to its ever-expanding video game catalog available via subscription on mobile devices on July 19. However, this is for the better, because in addition to being free for Netflix subscribers, into transgression developer Subset Games has also announced a free Advanced Edition update … Baca Selengkapnya

Neftlix Game Stranger Things Money Heist Queens Gambit Title Details

When the OTT giant Netflix announced that they were going to enter the gaming world in 2021, people’s expectations were very high. In retrospect, that’s pretty unrealistic, given how competitive games are in general and mobile games in particular. That said, this is Netflix, the brand that is boss at OTT. People and analysts reckoned … Baca Selengkapnya

Netflix users, you must try these top 5 FREE Netflix games on your iPhone 13 and Android phone

If you have a Netflix subscription and you haven’t played these top 5 free Netflix games on your iPhone 13 or Android phone, then you’re missing out. Check the list. It was November 2021 when the streaming giant launched Netflix games, a completely free-to-play library of Android and iOS games. Currently, the platform has around … Baca Selengkapnya