Netflix Trolls Set Huge Records for Streamers

The latest Netflix original movies Trolls proved to be a huge hit over the weekend as a Norwegian kaiju film it quickly shot up to become the #1 film in the US for most of the last week. Now we know how successful the series really is with Netflix’s latest viewership numbers confirming that Uthaug’s … Read more

Wednesday Netflix Lands on The Top 10 TV Shows of All Time

After only two weeks on Netflix, a hit new series Wednesday have jumps into the streamer’s 10 Best English TV Shows of All Time list. The latest set of viewership data from Netflix reveals that in its second week Wednesday watched over 411 million hours. When added to week 1, a total of 341 million … Read more

Wednesday Topples Stranger Things 4 to Set a Netflix Record

One could assume that Netflix Wednesday will be a hit, but none that would challenge its biggest British TV Series. Based on Latest weekly metrics from streamers, Wednesday watched over 341.23 million hours in its first five days of release, making it the biggest week ever for an English-language TV series on the platform. by … Read more

Wednesday Continues Netflix’s Top 10 Domination

Almost a week after its initial release, Wednesday showing no signs of slowing down. Netflix presents lovers The Addams family character returns to the spotlight with a series directed by legendary filmmaker Tim Burton, focusing on the daughter of the iconic family, Wednesday. The series, starring Jenna Ortega in the titular role, was an instant … Read more

Netflix’s New Mysterious Thriller Series Dominates Top 10

Netflix has launched its latest audience data set, including the Top 10 movies and TV shows on the platform for the week of November 14 through November 20. Within that timeframe one show clearly reveals itself as something Netflix should consider pursuing programming in the future with the mystery-thriller premiere 1899 DOMINATE the Top 10 … Read more

These Provinces Binge Watch Netflix Fastest & Here’s What They’re Watching In 2022

How long will it take you to complete a Netflix season? According to new research, some Canadians waste no time watching entire seasons of new shows. Gambling site Time2play looking at Canadians’ binge-watching habits in this Netflix a tie, and it turned out that the Canucks in two provinces beat the rest of the nation. … Read more

Terrible Comic Book Movie Gets A Shocking Sequel And Is Already Dominating Netflix

2013 delivered one of the worst comic book adaptations in recent memory: RIPD. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, RIPD tells the story of two afterlife detectives, tasked with hunting down the undead on Earth. The film received poor reviews from critics and fans alike, and barely made half of its big budget at the … Read more

Where Crawdads Sing Tops the Netflix Charts After a Surprising Streaming Debut

Netflix has had a big surprise for film fans this week, debuting one of the most talked about films of the summer. Where the Crawdads Sing, the film adaptation of the bestselling book, was released earlier this year and recently saw its home video debut. There was no announcement about where it will stream, but … Read more

Netflix Surprise Adds Controversial 2022 Movie Where The Crawdads Sing

When Netflix revealed a list of new content coming to the streaming service in November 2022, that doesn’t include the 2022 feature film Where Crawdads Sing, but the controversial film is now streaming on the platform! The sudden arrival of the film, based on the bestselling novel by Delia Owens and starring Daisy Edgar-Jones, could … Read more