This Netflix Remake Finally Achieves the Sex Scenes Other Movies Try to Do

There is a lot of writing, planning, and directing that goes into creating a sex scene. Often movies feature sex scenes to keep the viewer interested without adding anything to the character development or story. Yes, they can be sexy, but the film industry has raised the bar for the male gaze while filming, keeping … Read more

The Bridgerton star looks unrecognizable in the new Netflix drama after taking a break from the show

06 December 2022 – 13:19 GMT Nicky Morris Bridgerton star Ruby Stokes is starring in Netflix’s new supernatural drama, Lockwood & Co., and it’s looking damn good! Check out the first sighting here… Bridgerton star Ruby Stokes is facing off Netflixupcoming supernatural drama, Lockwood & Co. – and it looks so good! AGAIN: … Read more

Netflix of narrative games? Meet London-based studio ElectricNoir

Combining the capital’s iconic landmarks with cutting-edge storytelling, ElectricNoir is a studio with a mission: to create mobile-first video games where players are the heroes of their own stories. This week, it will be releasing its version of its interactive storytelling platform, Scriptic, in a new Netflix special games catalog. It’s the culmination of years … Read more

Netflix spin-off Wednesday: Jenna Ortega blasts online for contracting COVID while filming the iconic dance scene

Jenna Ortegaleading lady of Netflixnew The Addams family spinoff Wednesday, has been heavily criticized online for continuing to film the show despite having COVID symptoms. The 20-year-old admits that while filming the series’ now iconic dance scene, it “was my first day with COVID” — though she did not get a confirmed positive. WATCH THE … Read more

Netflix’s Ancient Apocalypse series uses ‘racist ideology’ to rewrite Indo-Pacific history, experts say

Netflix’s hit new series, Ancient Apocalypse, has been criticized by Pacific history pundits who say it is based on “racist” and “white supremacist” ideology and promotes pseudoscience. The main point: Host Graham Hancock suggests the two Indo-Pacific archaeological sites Gunung Padang and Nan Madol have built ancient, forgotten civilizations Today’s Pohnpeians can trace their ancestry … Read more

Netflix’s Tara Kapur will lead marketing for Duolingo in India

As part of the agency’s reorganization to be future-ready and provide strategic partnerships to its clients, FCB Interface announced the appointment of Gaurav Dudeja as Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Gaurav will lead business operations to drive the next level of growth for the agency. He will be based in the agency’s office in … Read more

Bos Netflix Memprediksi Lebih Banyak Iklan Datang ke Streamer

Netflix pertama rencana berlangganan dengan iklan tidak akan menjadi yang terakhir, menurut co-CEO Ted Sarandos. Hanya satu bulan setelah layanan streaming yang sebelumnya bebas komersial diluncurkan opsi yang lebih murah dan didukung iklan seharga $ 6,99 per bulan, Netflix mengatakan kemungkinan akan menawarkan beberapa rencana iklan kepada pelanggannya. (Tidak semua judul tersedia di bawah rencana … Read more

Qala: Anvitaa Dutt continues to make beautifully filmed bad movies for Netflix

Nearly every issue with writer-director Anvitaa Dutt’s debut film Bulbbul can be felt, all at the same time, in one scene. Framed from Rahul Bose’s evil Thakur perspective, it culminates with an explosion of graphic violence inflicted on Dimri’s titular naïve Triptii. An odd move to present the brutal beating of a woman from the … Read more

Netflix Trolls Set Huge Records for Streamers

The latest Netflix original movies Trolls proved to be a huge hit over the weekend as a Norwegian kaiju film it quickly shot up to become the #1 film in the US for most of the last week. Now we know how successful the series really is with Netflix’s latest viewership numbers confirming that Uthaug’s … Read more

Netflix Announces ‘Furioza 2’ and ‘Furioza 3’, Sequels of Popular Polish Movies

Netflix has announced two sequels to the Polish-language hit, Furioza, which released on the streaming platform earlier this year. Action thriller Furioza was first released theatrically in Poland in October 2021 and releases on Netflix on April 6, 2022. Cyprian T. Olencki, director of the first film, will return to direct and write “Furioza 2” … Read more