How Bitcoin Enhances Customer Experiences – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Frankie Wallace, a freelance writer from the Pacific Northwest. Bitcoin has been much in the news recently, for reasons both good and bad. Recent declines in bitcoin values engendered intense speculation over the future of the currency. At the same time, the expansion of bitcoin into markets worldwide and … Read more

ESMA’s crypto preparations, Ether ‘flips’ Bitcoin; Aave’s stablecoin

Despite us moving into a traditionally quiet time of year, the world of crypto is still undergoing key changes in terms of market dynamics as well as regulation. I reflect on three key developments below that emerged this week: EU regulator ups the stakes on crypto regulation Ether flips bitcoin in options markets Aave … Read more

secure crypto payment solution for business

The popularity of cryptocurrency payments is growing every year and has already become a full-fledged trend in the financial markets. More and more companies are transacting in bitcoin and other digital assets today because it is convenient, fast, and offers modest fees compared to bank transfer fees. One of the most promising players in this … Read more

Fintech start-ups follow Fidelity Investments with retirement plans featuring bitcoin

Fidelity Investments made waves in the retirement-planning industry when it became the first of the major record-keepers to roll out bitcoin for 401(k) plans. But fintech start-ups are moving in as well. In April, Fidelity said that some of the 401(k) plans it administers would soon offer employees a way to invest in bitcoin through … Read more

Gadget-tastic: Summer Reading Challenge returns for young readers

Children from St Anne’s RC Primary School with illustrator Ian Morris. The annual Summer Reading Challenge was launched today at the Central Library with a group of young children from St Anne’s RC Primary School and local illustrator, Ian Morris. The Summer Reading Challenge returns this year and the team at Gadgeteers is ready to … Read more

The ‘Bitcoin (Crypto) ETF’ Primer Series: PART III

By Rodrigo Zepeda, CEO, Storm-7 Consulting Crypto Market Developments in Europe and the United States In Part I of this Blog Series, I noted that crypto commentators such as Moeller (2022) had made statements such as: “Enthusiasts view a spot ETF as a more legitimate method of investment because a spot ETF involves holding Bitcoin” … Read more

The ‘Bitcoin (Crypto) ETF’ Primer Series: PART I

By Rodrigo Zepeda, CEO, Storm-7 Consulting INTRODUCTION In recent years, terms such as ‘Crypto ETF’, ‘Bitcoin ETF’, ‘Bitcoin futures ETF’, and ‘Bitcoin spot ETF’, seem to have been widely featured in crypto news articles. Yet, many of these cursory articles seem to skip crucial underlying financial market fundamentals. At the same time, many writers seem … Read more

Does Crypto Put In Danger The Global Payment Systems?

Fast and simple payments are only two of the many advantages that crypto assets provide. Financial services that are cutting-edge in nature, access to previously “unbanked” regions of the globe – the crypto-ecosystem enables all of this. However, it should be stated that apart from the benefits that are typical of digital assets, they are … Read more

Qonto and Coinhouse join forces to open up crypto to businesses

Qonto, the leading European business finance solution, and Coinhouse, leading European cryptobank, today announced their partnership to enable SMEs and freelancers to invest in crypto assets. Thanks to this strategic partnership the two French fintech players continue to push back the boundaries of traditional finance. A recent study conducted by Gartner recently revealed that … Read more

Circle agrees to buy crypto infrastructure platform CYBAVO

Today Circle Internet Financial Limited signed a definitive agreement to acquire Taiwan-based CYBAVO, a breakthrough crypto technology company that provides platforms for digital asset custody and blockchain application development. CYBAVO’s “infrastructure as a service” platform combines their unique “Distributed Risk and Responsibility Model” for digital asset custody and security, highly customizable workflows and operational … Read more