Should Xbox Game Pass See Red Flags On Netflix-HBO Max Chaos Right Now?

star field Bethesda This was a chaotic time in the entertainment industry, and it was seen as a new era of Hollywood “thrift” after years of uncontrolled spending. We saw the manifest in a number of ways, but with the two main streaming services, Netflix and HBO Max. Netflix has struggled to impress investors as … Read more

Top 5 TVs for the best Xbox Series X gaming experience

Finding the best TV for xbox The Series X has become more challenging than ever, especially with more options than one might think. In addition, you have to deal with various sizes, costs and many other things that probably more than half of the nation is unaware of. But don’t worry, with this list, we’ve … Read more

This Week at Bungie – 23/6/2022 > News

This week at Bungie, we’re preparing for even more Osiris Trials, this time with the return of Freelance so solo players can get their hands on their bench. We also have more sticky notes to cover, as well as some mental health resources because we know the Season of the Haunted storyline can get a … Read more

Game Shows Best View on Army of Darkness Map Free

Evil Dead: Game’s the first post-launch map is from army of darkness film in the Evil Dead series, and this week, players get their best look at the spooky settings that demons and survivors will be going through when added this summer. The map in question is called “Castle Kandar”, and according to the game’s … Read more

This Week at Bungie – 6/9/2022 > News

This week at Bungie, we’re prepping to make Saint-14 proud once more with this Season’s return of Trials of Osiris, showing off some nifty new ways to put your fashion spin on some beloved Exotics, and a deeper dive into recent airborne accuracy changes.   We’ve officially made it to week-three of Season of the Haunted. … Read more