About Us

pinthar.net is a digital information provider forum, which focuses on presenting information online to the Internet user community.

The content that is the focus of pinthar.net in presenting information covers various topics, about youth and relationships, inspirational and family, science and technology, the world of entertainment and games, tips and tricks to other unique, exciting and interesting information.

With the many types of topics that become the focus of presenting this information, pinthar.net hopes to become a source of reference for the Indonesian people in seeking information. Therefore, pinthar.net is committed to providing up to date information so that the information presented is always relevant to current developments and conditions.

pinthar.net is well aware that in today’s digital and social media era, information is very easy to spread by anyone and can target anyone. On the one hand, this has a positive impact, where people find and know information quickly, but on the other hand, it is difficult to verify the truth as a result, people have the potential to be provoked by issues based on information that is not necessarily true.

For this reason, pinthar.net is committed to presenting information based on confirmed facts based on verification and validation methods. This commitment is pinthar.net’s effort to truly become a forum for providing accurate and useful information for readers, especially the people of Indonesia.

Thus, hopefully pinthar.net can realize its commitment to become a forum for information sources for the Indonesian people in accordance with the tagline that is carried: “The Latest Information Media!”